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  1. Just when Pearl Jam released the official lyrics to their song too.. bummer..
  2. They're still here.. and so am I (atc70decals)... What's going on is that Microsoft Live decided to pull the plug May 1st and it finally trickled down to us.. and now we including thousands of other folks had to transition to MS Office365... The sites will be up within 24-48hrs according to Network Solutions.. in the meantime call the store if you need something Spanglers Off Road 530-533-6069 feast yer eyes on this in the meantime..
  3. Ok I think I'll have to get a few beers in me and start researching for more clips.. And do a remake.. With captions.. Heck with them if they can't take a joke !!
  4. sorry! but beware of the helmet cam!!! Ya some folks are to uptight
  5. I liked the kid trying to shake the wounded old guys hand in the beginning.. Heck he even flipped his bike for him ..LMAO!
  6. There must have been 15 helmet cams out there this year. So rather than bore you with the same old racing footage I scrubbed through all the video we captured and looked for wrecks, mayhem, busted bikes, and anything else that might be interesting to watch.. I had a ton of captions I wanted to add but some folks probably can't take a joke and might get upset .,
  7. Thanks again to Pete & Anna and the DDR crew for another great event! John and I had a blast tearing it up, I've got about 6hrs between 2 helmet cams (we were labeled "media dudes" lol!) so I will have to weed through that.. We missed the raffle as we were out licking our wounds after I got tangled up with Poule and my son John kinda missed his left foot peg and the rear tire ate him for lunch .. Not to mention chasing racers throughout the whole racing segment can take a toll on the this old man .. <-- wimp! Lol! We missed quite a few peeps to come and introduce ourselves but that's a good excuse to make that 10hr drive next year! Thanks again to all involved and who made it happen!
  8. Gordy and I are bringing lots of goodies.. Tachyon XC is throwing in an HD helmet cam too.. can't wait!!
  9. We will be there in full force again this year (how could we miss this?) I'm bringing plenty of custom atc70 decal sets this year, www.atc70decals.com And Gordy will have a bunch of raffle stuff as well, www.hondaatc70.com
  10. Gordy has good quality stuff. When in doubt call the guys at Spanglers more than likely they have anything you need for a 70.. There is a virtual graveyard of 70's all parted out there if you need used parts.. And tons of new stuff.. Heck text him if you need to 530-370-5430 these guys are on it.. Ship right away.. (let me know if they give ya any lip
  11. Ya he's not to happy with party crashers.. Lol! See you guys in Feb!
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