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  1. seams like where ever you go the Man is always sqaushin us. I got 4 of these and usually just lurk at the event/ but love the action. Rock on guys!
  2. OK just once will do. got one registered paticipant and 3 supporting spectators but only only me and the wife truckin on up!
  3. Hey dune freak trying to log in over here to register think you can do your magic again, i have all of mine and my wife's info in but it's a no go in the registration area
  4. clear dude. been a year or so since we where there! in th 80's before the pit toilets everyother weekend, gotta cut us old guys some slack. hope to make it as know we're hi desert rats (hesperia)
  5. After talking to Andy and talking to the little woman she may take it off so then that equals a possible maybe. Does this pre register mean not buying tixs at the station in town? edit spelling
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