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  1. Here some updated pictures of the remake of my car including adding bypasses, 2" hallow spindles and 35's
  2. Just wondering if people are going out the weekend before halloween of the weekend after, just wanted to know when the big weekend is.
  3. Here is one of the weekend after easter and the day after it rained all night, this was taken while we were watching my friends kids jumping with their quads.


    When you talk sand hp to me it is just like when your on the street and you ask someone what kinda hp they make and the tell you 500 and you ask them how they got it and they tell you they put a cam in and it was worth 60hp, intake 25hp, ignition 15hp air cleaner and so on but realisticly the motor makes only 350hp it just seems faster because it reacts faster and feels more seat of the pants faster. That is like when people tell me on the sand car they took it to a dyno and got 400hp to the rear wheels with an ls1 with tuning (this is just and example) well dyno's can be fudged and are alot of the times no one wants to here the motor they just purchased for $15,000 and is said to make 650hp is really only making 500hp. My motor on the dyno made 375hp and 380tq at the rear wheels from a 6.0 with a trick flow cam, injectors and springs and according to what people have told me with the amount of lose through the 2D trans it can be anywhere from 15 to 28 percent so my motor can make at the flywheel from 425 to 500hp who knows for sure. The person who dynoed my car told me this, I told him I really did not care what hp it made as long as it ran the way I think it should and pull the way it should. I have had people tell me they are making 450hp to the rear wheels and I go by them with no problem at comp. All in all no one wants to know they have less hp than the next guy but it is like being at the dragstrip you can say you have the hp but when you get beat by a car that has less the truth always comes out not saying that it is alway the person that owns the car but alot of the times it is the shop that unpurposely or puposely dyno's the car and tells them so that the customer is happy. So I think sand hp is a good term just like sandbagging in drag racing. Just my opinion.
  5. Some change in pictures with mine being in the sand for once
  6. Had lots of fun and saw my friends get married ontop of comp hill on sunday
  7. Here is a couple of friends rides
  8. Ray from desertrat taken on comp hill
  9. HERE IS MY CAR For the summer some changes to spring rates and lengths
  10. My friends i should be there.
  11. I will be out there first time since thanksgiving with a group of friends.


    I will be out with new car
  13. It is a Buggy works with Off Road bracing to make more of a dual sport. My friend Ray that owns Desert Rat Buggies and I worked on it all day sunday setting it up for my wife and I. It will have a 6.0caddy motor with a cam upgrade should be about conservatively 500hp and about the same torque. Should be ready before the season starts. John :moon:
  14. Nice car. I should be out with my new car by the start of the season maybe I will see you out at dumont. It is always nice to see more people from Barstow going out there. I always say once you go long travel you never go back!!!!!!!!!!! :?:
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