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  1. We had a great time with the new quad first time on the sand and we went through the radar at 83mph, a couple faster but were a 10 mil no NOS and did pretty well. We have some video we'll try to post. The 4 strokes were fun to watch but in that short of a distance the 2 strokes will always dominate, double the length of the track and its another story. Its been fun talking to all of you. See Ya at the top, and Turbo, we'll leave the light on for ya!
  2. Well it looks like the bull is starting to build. Were looking forward to all the talk turning to action, see ya at the top of the hill, we'll leave the light on for you!!
  3. were looking forward to the fun, we are tuning and breaking in on friday be there bright and early saturday
  4. 2 stroke about 185 horse custom built chassis. We haven't had it out yet but it should be scary fast. I will post pics soon. We seldom lost with our old banshee and this should be significantly faster but if not we'll eat crow, but thats half the fun isn't it?
  5. were bringing a new quad on prez weekend, no nos don't need it and we think it may be the fastest ever seen there.
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