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  1. Maybe just register it in Nevada and get a title it's all done through the mail for off-road vehicles just use a friend's address in Nevada
  2. It's been proven the faster you go the smoother it is but slow is safe to
  3. So why did they shut them down it did not look Rowdy or out of control whatsoever
  4. Anybody going out there I'm thinking of going
  5. $ 5200 ds650 GSXR turbo motor conversion quad 98% done needs a few things completed it has a Garrett Turbo intercooler Power Commander 12 / chromoly swingarm Ripper paddles call 909-312-1545
  6. Paddles in great shape comes with lug nuts $400
  7. vary vary good post thank you pete hope no one gets hurt out there god bless
  8. theres a few down here in cail look on c/l
  9. sorry to hear you lost your wife god bless rip
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