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    GetBent Turbo 3.5 Honda powered 2-seater
    1984 Honda ATC 70 (125cc Lifan W/pullstarter by Tres)"Longhorn bike"
    1983 Honda ATC 70 (110cc Lifan E-start) Jeephreak edition
    2005 39' Sandpiper 5'er
    1987 26' pimped out hauler FOR SALE
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  1. Yes Sir this is one sweet ride. Been on it a few times. 100% solid ride for the $ well worth it kids.
  2. In Mother G this weekend. 70 nuts come on down and join us for the 70 ride to the flagpole in honor of the veterans. Bring some coin and take this home with ya if you want too.
  3. Thanks Guys. Let me know if If you need it brought to Vegas. I'll be in Glamis this weekend. May make the Dumont Regatta too. Again this bike is a true gas and go no messing around fixing stuff bike. May be willing to trade-- looking for some 15x12 douglas sandstar beadlocks for the car. Must be standard offset not minimum offset plus a few $$.
  4. Thinking of letting go of one of my trikes. Completely done up. Lifan 110 E start manual shift pipe headlight bars throttle brake levers new brakes tires whip mount etc you know the drill look at the pictures.. Starts everytime and runs tip top. Gas and go bike. Needs nothing but fuel and your off. Available for pick up next weekend in Glamis. Chad 602-361-8372 $1100
  5. Only picture I took was the temp. Some pics up in the GD board in SR stuff by Hundy. Gotta do what ya gotta do to get that dune fix. Going to miss the full moon run with the crew next weekend so this was my chance. Was my first time to Dumont. Nice smooth tall dunes but.... not quite what I'm used to being a Glamis regular most weekends in the regular season and at least a moon run in the summer season. Yup a year round addict here. Ill probably do Dumont a few times a year now BC its just under two hours away and I hear there is a good ATC 70 addiction on the board here. My buddy that joined took some pics and vids I'll post up when he edits them.
  6. Did you happen to notice my board name? hahahah. Originally drove a jeep wrangler with no AC for 8 years and lived in Phoenix now Vegas. some things have changed but the weather has not its still HOTRNHELL
  7. Trip was good for me. No issues with the car as usual. Got to see what dumont is all about as far as the dunes go. Ghost town except for one other group camping out with a beam car for some testing. Nice to meet ya Hundy
  8. Rollin out to do some morning "Gotta get my fix" run. Sunday july10 say 730 am ride anyone want to join see ya there Hotrnhell and Hundy with cars.
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