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    08 CR3905 Weekend Warrior
    06 Dodge Mega Cab
    08 916 Teryx
    Amplified long travel 800 HP
    83 70 A 150R
    83 70 140 with front suspension
    83 70 with 88 kit and front suspension
    84 70 120 elec start with lady bug theme
    81 70 125 with flame job
    80 70 stocker
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  1. Bring cash fellas I need to thin out the heard some. some killer 70's to be had. only the wifes bike is off limits but all else are up for grabs. just want to sell two out of 8. I have to keep two per family member.
  2. here is a teaser and a couple are missing. 40ft hauler loaded with 70's. I need a fun weekend.
  3. Just a bump to the top. come on guys you can't even get close to building one this cheap. this bike is set and ready to go.
  4. Going to have Automatic Satellite system up for raffle and some XM radios. I will bring up plenty of other give aways too. See you all there.
  5. what????? sell something eles first
  6. Well I have to thin out the heard some. This was my flagship 70 before I built my A+ 150R. Have receipts for over $4500 not including paint, seat, misc. Over $6500 into this little bike. complete new build two summers ago. 4 up 140 lifan engine. Oil cooler on engine. This is one of those bikes that starts with one pull cold or hot. Tank is great shape and has a real petcock welded in. Front forks were just rebuilt and beefed up some. Front light is custom make and chrome. There is so much Chrome on this bike I can't list all the parts. Also not shown is a custom Chrome Wheelie bar. This
  7. lots of options. If you don't mind a clutch do the 150 elec start totaly insane. otherwise the 120 elec start auto works great. 125 pull start rips for sure. check out tboltusa.com they have tons of stuff and great prices. They also have packages and answer the phone for support.
  8. I have under pipe on my elec starts. should work fine. Yes the Mikuni is the one to get. 22mm for the 120. also you might have to beat out the tank.
  9. Can't wait to go. I had to miss last year. will be bringing 5 with me, 2 with a friend and I know of at least 4 more that wasn't there last year. See you all there.
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