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  1. Been good. How about you? Ill take trades. lol wish someone had a 4 seat funco that wanted a insane two seater. My best bud just moved to Henderson I have to hit you up when I come in. Be there for monster jam.
  2. Tatum Black Widow Mid Engine Pre – Runner. CBM Factory GM LS7 440 with Whipple 4.5 Blower with all the best internals Money can buy. 1200Hp at crank 892 HP on the dyno. Only two years old. Trans opened and gone though at same time. Customer Headers Albins Sequentail 5 speed. Just serviced Chome Arms, tie rods and radiator lines. 4140 boxed plate bulk head and rear arms 300m Billet Ram Rack 4130 tire rods with FK bearings and cromoly heims 2” hallow 4 piston front brakes 11” rotors 934 midboards hubs freshly serviced 6 piston Brakes on rear Custom Sway bar Custom 124” wheel base Prerunner front arms. King 3” triple bypass shock all 4 corners King coil overs with rez all 4 corners Custom Seats with Crow belts Custom Radius Windshield Full Aluminum floor and sub floors Baja Designs Cured LED bar. HID’s in front bumper Whip light Intercomm and race radio Interior panels Custom 16gal fuel tank CBR rad with spal fans. Car runs 200 on summer runs in 112 degree heat. 180 in winter. OMF rings with 38” Dominators and 12.50 front STU’s. Fresh Powder coat of all body panels and wheels. Car is detailed and ready for the sand. Full race/season prep done by Kevin McMullen Racing. Car runs flawlessly and is ready to go to the sand. Rich at Tatum Knows the car very well. This car is no joke and cost over 200k to build a new one. One of the fastest cars of all out at the dunes. Dunes like a slot car. Has the power to loose or catch up to anyone. Insane amount of wheel travel with shocks dialed in. cruse to duners diner at 100mph with one hand on the wheel. Must see car. One ride and you will see how amazing this car truly is. 89,000 obo This car is the easiest car to driven in the dunes. very forgiving and a joy to drive. can just cruze in 3rd or 4th gear all day long never getting over 3500 rpm. it is very controllable. When you hit the gas its just gets angry and power is instant. long mid engine can can wheelie in almost every gear. Truly the ultimate duning machine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFlModvnyKc check out the video. lots of footage of car on this years june run. look at 4:45 and after.
  3. you might want to post some of those to get any serious buyers.
  4. I am. I will be there on Weds. Have to leave Friday but gives me a few days to shakedown. Really been wanting a mid just like this. have a few changes already planned. This will be the baby to Ricks monster.
  5. thanks Mark, Can't wait to take it out Oct 7th first trip.
  6. give me a call just what I was looking for. I will take it.have cash in hand. 602.570.3474
  7. Well it is time to move on with buggies for a while. Son is at a age I need to rock a XP while he is in his buggy. My personal buggy I have built up over the passed few years. This car has been in the dunes with many of you members and is well known. Every season I have maintained and upgraded the car and always made it better. This car is super dialed in with 4 way bypasses on ALL 4 corners. The race tech at Bilstein tuned them for two full days. This car can handle anything and dunes great. Still can slide it around with ease. Last Sept. I had the trans gone though and freshen up. New dual disk clutch and TB, and all new zerk'd 935 CV's. Went out 4 trips last season. Paddles are like new and car is ready for the sand. I am sure I will be missing something so just ask. Full body car, S4, Built 415 Stroker all the bells and whistles. $43,500 Possible trades. let me know what you got. 602.570.3474 Here is a list of goodies and pics. I also have a rear setup for just a 3 seater for a small child with rear fire wall and PRP seat in the middle. comes with the car as well. *2" front spindles *New 935 Cv's *Fresh S4 Trans *4 way Bilstein Bypasses *Huge 4 piston Brakes all 4 corners *Howe 2.5 power rack *4 HID lights, 4 LED lights *Heated Front Seats *Windshield and full body *Custom Alum Hood that tilts up *Rugged DSP intercom and radio *Rear Bench Seat *Alum Center console with Storage *Custom Paint *Complete set of Dirt and Sand tires *lots of spare parts *Go Pro and Sci Atlanta Cameras *Dual Odyssey Batts *Removable Rear Cage *Lowrance Color GPS *Fully built 415 stroker, Fast 102 intake, west coast cyl heads, elec water pump, forged and balanced rotating assembly 650hp * Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust Fully dialed in and ready for the sand.
  8. Bring cash fellas I need to thin out the heard some. some killer 70's to be had. only the wifes bike is off limits but all else are up for grabs. just want to sell two out of 8. I have to keep two per family member.
  9. here is a teaser and a couple are missing. 40ft hauler loaded with 70's. I need a fun weekend.
  10. Just like the title says. looking for paddle for a polaris 50. pm me text . 602.570.3474
  11. Just a bump to the top. come on guys you can't even get close to building one this cheap. this bike is set and ready to go.
  12. Going to have Automatic Satellite system up for raffle and some XM radios. I will bring up plenty of other give aways too. See you all there.
  13. what????? sell something eles first
  14. Well I have to thin out the heard some. This was my flagship 70 before I built my A+ 150R. Have receipts for over $4500 not including paint, seat, misc. Over $6500 into this little bike. complete new build two summers ago. 4 up 140 lifan engine. Oil cooler on engine. This is one of those bikes that starts with one pull cold or hot. Tank is great shape and has a real petcock welded in. Front forks were just rebuilt and beefed up some. Front light is custom make and chrome. There is so much Chrome on this bike I can't list all the parts. Also not shown is a custom Chrome Wheelie bar. This bike Hauls the mail. Dune to the hill no problem in glamis. Custom paint by Nash. Custom padded seat with cover. Chrome Full foot brake. Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust. I wrapped it to limit leg cherries. I know I am missing some things but shoot me a pm or call Paul 602.570.3474. $2850 obo Very solid bike. always at Glamis but headed up for the regatta. will be bringing most of the collection leaving two stockers home. I can take some video of it and email or text your phone even.
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