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  1. thanks for trying to help everybody, but i found her and she lives in vegas and i live in oregon so i dont think its going to work out lol
  2. hey everybody, saturday night(the nightbefore halloween)there was a big party at the front row of comp hill. there was a girl that had blonde hair with black bangs, was wearing black pants, a plaid shirt, and what i thought to be mickey mouse ears lol. she was dancing in the back of the big white ford that said "my radical habits" on the side and had a lightbar on top. the night was so crazy that i forgot to get her number and ive been beating myself up every day about it. "dunefreak" and "metalalien" have been very helpful with trying to help me, so im just asking if anybody knows who im talking about or if they could maybe help me. thanks DDR
  3. thanks dunefreak and metalalien, i sent you both pm's and if you could will you please reply. thanks again
  4. for the people who were at comp hill friday and saturday does anybody know if the person with the lifted white ford, that was in the front by comp hill with a lightbar on top has an account for dumont dune riders, or the truck(s)with i think dune freak graphic on the side have an account. thanks and reply if you know
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