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  1. Go see Dr Dunn @ Desert Ortho https://www.doclv.com/doctors/thomas-dunn-md he did my neck and it is way better.. going to see him in December or Jan to get my back surgery.. He is an awesome Dr. Awesome surgeon. a few months and you will be great!!
  2. Yes I got it.. You are very welcome.. Glad I could help and they are out of my garage..Appreciate it
  3. Man I have had these a while also.. prolly 10 years.. they were off my first rail and I have had ever since.. I am kind of a pack rat .. just a little
  4. Yes that is them.. I found the 4 I have.. took me a few minutes as someone stole my box they were in.. and put them in a bag to hide them from me l;ol More than welcome to them 5913014
  5. Hope they find the guy... Hope you had some cones up or caution tape ... you cant see anything on the finger if you are on the side. Hate to see this happen.. prayers for your daughter
  6. I have 4 I believe.. take a pic of what you have .. if they match your more than welcome to them.. Im in Vegas though
  7. CaptNkllm


    Try doghouse in pahrump
  8. Well I have to say.. that is not easy to do in one weekend
  9. http://www.dumontduneriders.com/invision/index.php?showtopic=20381 This one? Already a post on it but not sure it is the one.. Capt
  10. Friend of mine I talked to today said he can fix the water tanks.. Call him and he will explain.. he said he can repair any plastics.. quads, bumpers,water tanks ect (702) 384-3239 Chinney.. he is a great guy and a good friend of mine.. Capt
  11. Its not a fly over its a lean around lol.. nice.. I need one of those Capt
  12. Register in Pahrump and you dont have to smog Capt
  13. Tell her to be careful of his balls.. they might end up in your face Capt
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