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  1. Lost a T-Mobile I phone xr on Saturday. Has a green case on it. Contact me @ 702 203-0969 if found please. Thank you Jayson
  2. Well I will make the plans for the 1st ride on Thursday at 11am just before the crack of noon. If you are interested swing by my camp you can not miss it. Left side as you come in the main road opposite of the rangers station just find the green Volvo toter rig with the weekend warrior fifth wheel. Ask for Jayson and introduce yourself as a DDR. I hope to meet some new riders with a heavy thumb, twist or foot !
  3. I do not like the helmet part but in the event of a crash or rollover it would be safer. As far as the added backseat and not being able to use it seems like a manufacturer push to boost 4 seater sales. When you read the part where it says there is no provision for fixes in this case then it really looks like it. Since numerous dealers offered modified 4 seaters from brand new and now everyone would have a worthless modified vehicle which the dealers would not have to buy back. Just my 2 cents.
  4. I would like to get a group together for a few fast rides over the Halloween weekend. I will be out there from wed 10\24 - wed 10/31. I like riding fast and for more than a few minutes. I ride 2 and 4 wheels and I do not mind who is in the group as long as you can keep up or yeild to faster riders as well as look out for one another should you breakdown or crash. I like following long travels with lots of power the most since they are able to keep up a good amount of speed. Just trying to get a feel fot those who might be interested.
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