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    Shane Jordan
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    1986 trx500r,
    2005 crf450r,
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    Motorcycle Tech
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    Working on bikes and going to the lake.and the sand dunes as often as I can...
  1. Thank you, im just glad shes alive... I would do it for anyone...
  2. Thank you all for your support, I rote the story to get a fast reply from Cindys family,I did not know her name at first...Im so glad WE could help her, and so sorry there was nothing we could do for Jesse...My attention went to Cindy when I saw her face...Thanks again for everyones support on this... Shane
  3. Carlos Such good news for me and my friends...Call anytime 702-275-4751
  4. I updaited the story after my friends said I can use there names...Please thank them as well I was NOT alone in her rescue...
  5. The mans name was Jesus Ruiz from north Las Vegas he was 37...If anyone knows anything about the lady I would like to know how she is...The rangers said We saved her life...
  6. To Jesus Ruiz family Im so sorry for your loss...
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