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  1. I grew up less than a half hour from Pismo. They have been trying this for YEARS! They never get anywhere. But it sure does get everyone's panties in a bunch.
  2. seadoojumper

    GO PRO

    The new 3D system is sweet. Just got mine this morning. I highly recomend it for the extra $100.
  3. Honda has shut down production of all motorcycles for now. Let's hope the price of bikes doesn't go up.
  4. My sister lives in Brisbane Austrailia. There was a small wave that came up the river, but no major problems.
  5. It's a blackberry in smartphone clothing. I haven't been super impressed with a single smart phone yet. (I own a droid X) Just not that impressed with a PHONE that can do absolutely anything except make really good phone calls.
  6. anyone seen the weather report this weekend? I'm not happy about it.

    1. Jakster884


      The dunes are perfect right now. Never believe the weather man..LOL

    2. Sincity_blondie


      the rain forecast went from 30% chance of rain two days ago. To 60% yest and now its at 70%. Still be a great weekend

  7. The FOX floats would be great for the hill. I don't know how well they would handle the whoops at the bottom though. Tim at Marvin Shaw is super smart and could help you with the fitting and the set up. Their phone number is 480-982-3942.
  8. I'm not a big fan of DrD, but they work amazingly well with the yamahas.
  9. I have had great luck with the guys from Marvin Shaw. Their out of Mesa Az. so you can get their stuff quick.
  10. very sad to hear. This why seat belts and helmets are always a good idea.
  11. Does anyone know anything about a death at dumont this weekend? I heard it involved an RZR, and that's all I've heard.
  12. This works great on small tanks. Bigger tanks take a lot and it gets spendy.
  13. Try the K&N power lids or the outerwears air box covers. you don't have to worry about huge amounts of sand and great air flow on both.
  14. replace both at the same time. the other one will go soon anyway. don't cheap out on the seals. go for oem or better and make sure you replace the bushings too. it is usually much cheaper to take in just the forks. it's worth taking them off first at the rate most shops charge. doing those your self is a pain in the arse! there's a reason race-tech charges $1500.00 for a 2 day class on these cartridge style forks.
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