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  1. The lady that did survive the accident and the Doctors pretty much say that it is a miracle. Cindy is her name and she was bleeding very badly and about an hour into the ride from Dumont to UMC Trauma Center her bleeding stopped. The Doctors state that there is no medical reason why she stopped bleeding, but she did. The Doctors state that it was a miracle that it did stop bleeding and they don't know why it did. She has quite a few stitches on the forehead, I believe there was 21 put in. I saw her today and she is in good spirits, considering what happened. She broke her back and has had surgery and now has titanium rods and screws and a cage to help her recover. She is already up and walking and the Doctors state that she can go home when ever she is ready. Thank you so much for being there at the right time and doing what you did for her. She is a great person and I know that she appreciated what you did for her and Jesse (Jesus Ruiz). Kelly B.
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