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  1. Always a fun time! Enjoyed the creek during the sand storm!!! Didn’t take many pictures this time 7BE0DD1C-065E-4E42-A83F-C19C35C12146.MOV 6DB3F791-B4ED-4E86-A677-56338ABDEF70.MOV A4960E38-F090-410F-AFB6-C9875B4BF53A.MOV
  2. Beyond perfect!!! Kids were able to ride wherever!
  3. Yay us too! If it's crazy than baby dunes it is
  4. Hoping the weather stays how is says is!! Anyone going to dumont this weekend??? Or anyone there,? What's the wash look like?
  5. Good to know that no one was hurt!
  6. Any word on what caught on fire today?? Looked to be by the hills going towards North Pole!! Seemed like a non-life threatening weekend! Never saw flight for life or anything, just this fire!
  7. Doubt we will find it but doesn't hurt to ask! Son lost his iPhone on one of the fingers! If anyone found it please message me!!! Thanks
  8. Never a dull moment with our camping family! Enjoyed every moment..even when being towed
  9. I say weekend before so we can have Halloween at home with the kids...The kids LOVE being able to trick or treat twice a year
  10. curious...looking for a good spot light thing for the motorhome to find camp...dont even know where to begin..Anyone know of a place that sells thesekinds of lights?? Last trip the camp next to us had green alien men...that was perfect way to find camp! Suggestions please
  11. We will be there Wed night through Sunday night!!
  12. so stop by and check us out.. also on friday mention that is black friday and we will tell you our special only if you mention dumont riders black friday sale.. also with every 3 shirts you buy we will give out drink kuzzies and stickers..
  13. look out for our new design we will be taking dickies jackets and button down shirts also long sleeve and sweater and pants all custom here are some previews
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