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  1. Dude I want one this looks like it would be awesome!!!!
  2. Just got back from Dumont after a 4 night stay......It was awesome this was my first time.Nice big dunes,lots of racing up the hill,my only complaint are the A#$holes that like to ride thru the camps as fast as they can.They have all that area to race in but they do it thru camps. other then that I cant wait to go back!!!
  3. Thanks,We are no strangers to the dunes just never been down to Dumont. I cant wait to go all of us that is going are all fired up...
  4. Myself and some friends are going to Dumont for the 1st time new years weekend. We will be staying in tents. With you guys that go on this weekend,in the past what has the weather been like?
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