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  1. Pro Am Front Hubs, Gear box sent to Wright for inboard supprts, Complete clutch from STM ( never throw a belt). Upgraded all gauges and swithes. 2.0 Eco Tech built by CBM. Master Craft 3G seats. Howe Steering upgrad. Only damage is to right side down low, see pic.. Have a set of sand tires. Pretty much have gone through this buggy and upgraded the weak points. AZ. license plate. $25000.00 Located in the High Desert Chris
  2. Hey All, Well i have been through 2 different flag poles (aluminum) for the 5th. Wheel. Wind just destroyed them or they just would collapse on there own. So Now I am considering going to a fiberglass collapsible pole. Do any of you have any recommendations for me? I can fab up anything for a mount, also would like ability to include a camp locating LED up top. Thank You-all for your time, Chris
  3. ya know that's a good thought, concentrating all that weight in such a small area could definitly create damage to the floor... definitly going to address that! Thank You, Chris
  4. Maybe... I know when I was racing Formula Fords we used Transport wheels that were a cast aluminum wheel with cycle tires, pricy but really nice http://www.rsport.us/For_Sale_Rsport_F2000.html These woody's cost 1-1/2 sheet of 3/4" maple Ply, some glue, and 80 1-1/4" face frame screws. BAM!! Done deal :-) What is really cool is that I shaved 4" off the front (Was 79" using stock VW's now 75") that means this buggy will now fit on a flat trailer and the quads can go in the Toy Hauler. Bonus... When there off the car in the hot desert sun they make great sun shade hats... Uhh unless your getting a little thin on top
  5. kind-a funny looking, maybe cut out some rain deer and have a santa sleigh :-)
  6. We winch it in otherwise the hauler/place to live smells like exhaust. I got all 4 on tonight first thing I noticed was some nice flat plates to use for a dead nuts alignment. Pretty cool. Chris
  7. Seems to work pretty good. Guess I don't have to worry about flats :-) Chris
  8. Yeah you read it right... Wenching the predator into the toy hauler I have to bolt on some stock VW wheels and even then it just barley fits, Then I have to lock them up so they don't get stolen. So, I am thinking 24" Dia. plywood wheels. Glue & screw 2 layers of 3/4 shop maple together giving me 1-1/2" thick wheel. Cool thing is I have a CNC in the shop and can do some pretty neat stuff, perfect circle, bolt patterns etc. Anyone seen anything like this? Look forward to any comments, Chris
  9. Any of you guys ever been? Sounds like a blast, Looking for suggestions were to camp for the week. Thanks, Chris
  10. damn it! Not sure why the double post thing. Sorry, Chris
  11. Just got off the phone with the driver.... He's at home, legs are cut-up. Both were belted in, driver even checked Gina's belts before leaving camp. Driver was in the lead he thinks last guy came back around in a bowl and was headed straight for him he swerved & avoided a head-on....Pretty foggy on everything after that. She and he both had bruising from belts. That said.. Our family's camp together all the time, Dumont and beach. My kids and several other parents allow there kids to ride with him all the time because he is very careful. My kids come back every time saying how careful and cautious he is. No jumping or foolish games with them. We did not come out this weekend so I was not there. Holiday's scare me, just to many people in a small place. Chris
  12. Hey All, Drivers at home, both legs are cut up & in pretty bad shape. have not asked about anything else... Driver is an overly cautious guy our families camp together all the time at Dumont & the beach, my kids have been in the buggy several times and always come back saying how careful & cautious he is. I chose not to go this last weekend, holidays out there are just to high risk even for those of us that are sober and careful. Chris
  13. Thank you Terry, I will make a point to be there I live in Helendale (Silver Lakes) so it's no problem. just lemme know when, or were can I get the information on-line as to the agenda calender. Thanks Again, Chris
  14. I could use one for the spare on my Predator... Pretty sure it's the right back spacing You can PM me if you like. Thanks Chris
  15. Hey All, Going to find a place for a second battery, Predator can't be push started so seems like a good idea. Started looking for a system to manage the two batteries and found this from painless wiring. http://www.painlessw...archField=40120 Anyone use this? Looks pretty nice , easy install and no manual switching between batteries... 171.00 from 4 wheel drive parts. Thanks, Chris
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