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  1. The car ran good. New gear set in the diff was pretty good. Maybe another set might be better but its pretty close for now. I am thinking I may like this ratio a lot for Dumont. I am excited to find out. The new arms held up fine so far. I felt like I gave them a pretty good beating, but maybe more time will tell. The new torque converter was much better than the old one.


    I played with bypass adjustment that made quite a  bit of difference. I still have to much rebound in the rear but I still have more adjustability in the shock. Overall it was a good trip. My 2nd oldest got to rip around in his Grandma's car. It was fun having him out learning to dune a buggy.




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  2. Oh and I also put a limited slip diff in the quick change. So far in the hardpack it’s 100% better. I need to get it into the sand to see how well it will work there. 
    I think I’ve finally got the right ratio/gear set in there too. Should be a lot of fun. 

    Swapped the torque converter too. I had a basically stock converter at 1800 stall. I switched it with a 2300 stall and it seems to help also.  

  3. Back to work on this thing. I made a bunch of trips last season and had a ton of fun. 

    However this year I haven’t been out. Hopefully soon. I’m having to deal with this first. 



    This is the better side. The other side is worse. Both front lower a-arms are bending. I thought maybe it’s not .120 wall tubing or maybe it’s not chromoly? Upon cutting its .120 wall, at least it looks like it but I didn’t actually measure. I have no way to verify material. So away they go. I simply don’t want to risk it. 

    Here’s the replacement 








    You can see a piece of the old arm. The bend was where the small plate stopped. Hopefully this will fix it. 

  4. I wear a full face helmet and sunglasses. Works pretty good. If I keep the lense closed I rarely get sand in. However I like to leave it open for fresh air and tend to get blasted once or twice before I realize I should close it. 

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  5. Too hot out there now and in August. 

    Halloween 🎃 is usually the first big weekend at dumont kicking off the start of the winter dune season. 

    If the weather has cooled off some before then people will start making trips on the weekend. Dune season lasts into March- May depending on how quickly the weather heats up. 

  6. I’ve got to give credit to SandDuneSam for shooting the picture on my phone to add to the forum. I was informed tonight that it was a long walk around so as not to leave footprints in the sand. 

    first class GIF by Slice


    You see see what I did there with the new site feature 😜🤯

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  7. I put the hood on side burner for now. Hindsight is 20/20 though and I should have just finished it instead of jumping to the dash. I really wanted to take care of the dash first but I got distracted with the hood. Anyway here’s a couple pictures. Still more to do but I like how it’s coming along. Just a lot of work. 





  8. Hhmmm. Do you not like the shape or? Or just like to see the motor in the open?


    For me I want to cut it back so it’s not so far forward. It’s just sitting on there. I was going to put some tape on for different cut lines to shape it some. 

  9. Thought I would update this. I’ve been toying with some aluminum tins for the car. Here’s a couple pictures of what I came up with. Still working on the (hood) still trying to envision it. 


    I am open to thoughts or ideas. 










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