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  1. joblo

    February Dune Pic of the Month

    Pete I don’t see your moon picture in here.
  2. joblo

    February Dune Pic of the Month

    Yesterday. So nice!
  3. joblo

    V8rail Build

    So I thought some may be interested in seeing the build. I bought the mostly completed frame in 2012. Due to some different things going on it has mostly sat waiting to get finished. Sandblower originally built the car and then switched up to the v-Rex frame. I have been a fan of these cars for a while, first because they do not use a transaxle. I saw flyan Ryan's green car at a show and was amazed at how clean and well built the car was. They are good looking front engine cars, unlike any others I have seen. When I got the car it had 1-3/4" frame, lower A-arms, seats, a few misc. pieces like hubs brake rotors, aluminum panels, and all the shocks. Since then I have not had much time to give to building the car, but due to the long time since buying the chassis I have been able to swipe a few good deals. So I have been collecting some pieces here and there. I have been able to do little bits and pieces, an hour here or there to get a few things done. First thing I did was try and get ahold of owners of these cars so I could go check them out and take some measurements of the suspension pieces I am missing. I was able to meet up with Jon, he has the camera car, a 3 seater he used for the filming industry. I just happened to catch him 2 weeks before his move to Alabama. His car was also street legal like sandblowers. I got a bunch of pictures and measurements. I was able to hook up with sandblower and Danny out in Dumont. Danny's car is one of 3 that are like each other. Mine being another. I was able to measure his car as well, and see some of the changes they did from the camera car to these. So I started with front suspension needs. I was able to get close to what I needed early on, but then basically the car has set, because I did not have the time to devote to it. Fast forward to December 2015 I have spent some of last week working on the car. I was able to get the back end together, and have the front just about ready to go as well. On the front end I had to build upper a-arms and get a different rack and pinion than what they had intended to use. In Danny's car they used a sweet rack, and he was saying it was difficult to turn the wheels when stopped but ok when driving. Sandblower also had problems with his and installed a Howe rack. So I found a Howe rack and have been able to get a new mount made and tacked in. Everything is in the right place, but I made the mount bracket bigger than needed as a precaution, so I need to trim it down now and gusset it in. So now she sits all on her own. No more jack stands or lifts! Exciting! So I need to finish boxing in the spreader bar I made for the rack and pinion and adjust the upper a-arms to get the camber right. Then I hope to get these goodies dropped in and in place. I am looking forward to another productive week. Enjoy and I will update this as soon as I get a few more things done.
  4. joblo

    V8rail Build

    I put the hood on side burner for now. Hindsight is 20/20 though and I should have just finished it instead of jumping to the dash. I really wanted to take care of the dash first but I got distracted with the hood. Anyway here’s a couple pictures. Still more to do but I like how it’s coming along. Just a lot of work.
  5. joblo

    Fresh Paint

    Get us some better pictures. Looks like a cool car. I’d like to check it out a little more.
  6. joblo

    RZR 900 XP for sale

    No price to lowball
  7. joblo

    MLK weekend 2019 Trip Report

    The pictures of the moon you put together is killer!! Nice ride report. I vote for photo of the month February
  8. joblo

    V8rail Build

    Hhmmm. Do you not like the shape or? Or just like to see the motor in the open? For me I want to cut it back so it’s not so far forward. It’s just sitting on there. I was going to put some tape on for different cut lines to shape it some.
  9. joblo

    V8rail Build

    Thought I would update this. I’ve been toying with some aluminum tins for the car. Here’s a couple pictures of what I came up with. Still working on the (hood) still trying to envision it. I am open to thoughts or ideas.
  10. joblo

    Tom Pro Turbo car

    Tom Pro car Tom pro turbo system with blow off valve Ceramic coated ball bearing turbo  Reverse box 930 cv’s King shocks Bead lock wheels Hid light bar Front and rear brakes Jamar pedals, dual reservoir on slider- just rebuilt- Fire extinguisher 3” crow padded belts Razor front tires, awesome turning even without a differential.  Pictures are of the car after rinsing it off. I will update the ad with new pictures when polishing/detailing is done. This car has been in storage and has not seen the sand in 5 years. It is in very good shape. I cleaned out the old fuel and put some fresh stuff in and it fired right up. -The vacuum lines had some dry rot so they have all been replaced. -Currently working on detailing the car and getting the aluminum polished out. This is done. I need to take new pictures. - Reverse box only has a couple of trips on it. It was completely replaced by Tom. The original was built before Tom had his cnc machine and was thought maybe something was off. So he replaced it. Fresh oil in it now. -Auto meter silver gauges. -Sealed sand switches. -All wiring in good shape. No issues. -New agm battery. This thing rips!!! I had forgotten how strong it runs. As soon as boost comes on (which is pretty much immediate) this thing becomes a violent uncaged beast.At the same time it can just be a cruiser if you want to drive it that way too. No lagging turbo to make it undriveable. Frame and panels powder coated. Springs are powdercoated silver. Floor is powdercoated in hammer tone. Rear trailing arms powdered in hammer tone. Artwork done by k-daddy here in Bakersfield. The guy has real talent and it shows. Seats have been detailed with upholstery cleaner and look great! The bad- Car shows minor signs of being run. Some of powdercoat is worn off on the rear trailing arms. Few very minor scratches in high wear areas. Radiator tank cracked on a weld and was repaired with JB weld in the dunes. I plan to rebuild it out of a little thicker aluminum to keep this from happening, but for now that’s the way it is and has been fine since doing it years ago. The front left wheel is bent a little. It was straightened as best possible by hand and has no noticeable input on steering but has a tiny wobble if you look close at it while driving. The turbo is mounted very low due to space limitations. It does not hang down where it would be damaged by bottoming out. It however does not drain the engine oil well back to the sump. This causes the car to smoke at idle. This has never been an issue other than seeing it smoke. Motor is tight. I just got a California vin and am in process of getting the green sticker. If I had the coin I would buy this myself. Unfortunately I am not in a position to do so. I think somebody is going to score. $18,000 obo 661-201-2246 Scott
  11. joblo

    Bradley O'Neal's base jump at Dumont

    That guy is nuts! Makes an awesome video though.
  12. joblo

    Sandcars Unlimited 4 Seater

    My mom had one just like this but in blue. It was one of the nicest riding and driving car in our group.
  13. joblo

    January Dune Pic of the Month

    How’s this? Thanks to Neal for the awesome camera skills
  14. joblo

    Buggy Roundup 6 Weekend Trip Reports

    I didn’t get a single picture. I’ll have to see what my son took. I left my phone in the trailer and didn’t pick it up until we left. The buggy weigh in was fun too. I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only guy in the 3,000 lb. plus club. 3150 for me. Pete I think I figured out why my car was like 25 lbs. heavier on the left rear. The differential oil cooler is on that side.
  15. joblo

    Buggy Roundup 6 Weekend Trip Reports

    Thanks for hosting Pete. It was nice to meet you and get to take part. We wound up rolling in late Friday night. It was fun to see so many nice cars Saturday morning and the varying setups. I never made made it to the end of the rides though. Saturday morning we helped get the red mid engine apart after breaking a heim. About 5 minutes after we got going my son threw up, what a mess so we went back to camp. The ride to take a photo was fun. After we got going again from there I wound up stripping out a cv cup when it pulled off the shaft. Trying to figure out why it did that. Thanks to mustache Motorsports and his group for running back to camp and bringing a jack and a spare cup I had in the trailer. I had an awesome time for our first ever roundup and will be looking forward to meeting more people next year.
  16. joblo

    6th Annual Buggy Roundup

    Planning to be there. Pulling in Friday morning. It will be our first time to the event. Looking forward to it.
  17. joblo

    V6 Recomendations

    I had a shortstar in my last car. It was a good motor but I went through 3 of them. Head gasket every time. It was cheaper to get another donor than to fix. They were getting harder to find when I got the last one. You have great advice from previous posters. All good power units to choose.
  18. joblo

    It's Getting Closer....

    I went to Pismo Saturday and while it was a awesome sand fix, it somehow left me wanting so much more. The car actually ran and was a lot of fun. Still some things to do but man I had a blast and have been left wanting more.
  19. joblo

    V8rail Build

    Oh yeah definitely. I was impressed with how the car worked. Suspension cycling was good for out of the box. I never even grabbed a wrench for the bypasses. It can use some tuning on that but for the seat time I got it was working nice. The thing didn't slide as good as I expected. The red car I drove slid the rear much easier. It was running a wider paddle. I'm sure that had a lot to do with it. I might change them out, but for now I just want to get some more seat time before doing that.
  20. joblo

    V8rail Build

    I did get out to the sand. We went to Gordon’s for New Years. I had some issues though. Car was overheating real bad. Got stuck 3 times. Throttle was sticking and while trying to get that sorted broke the gas pedal in half. Front wheel bearings were to tight. I think that may have been a big contributor to the overheating. Fan shroud was to tight to the radiator not allowing the fans to pull air across the whole thing. I made a cardboard spacer that helped a lot but ultimately I think the radiator is to small. I ordered a new one to replace it. After getting all that corrected I got to take a short cruise around in the dark the night before we left. It felt like a new car but still hard to tell. So hopefully I can get some decent dune time on it now. I only burned 5 gallons of gas the whole trip. I can’t wait to run more through it. On on the way home I dropped the car at cbm. They are going to put a color screen AEM dash in it. I was thinking of switching to throttle by wire but that required a new computer and a few other things pushing the cost way up. So I will have to get the cable working better. They are going to add O-2 sensors and give a new tune on the dyno. It might have been slightly lean adding to the overheating issue. We shall see.
  21. joblo

    V8rail Build

    A few more updates transmission cooler in. Got a different pulley from cbm for the tensioner. Helped to put a shorter belt on and now the belt doesn’t rub itself. Radiator mounted and lines hooked up. I had to make a short hose for suction on the quick change oil line. The fitting I had in there hit the skid pan so it had to go. Got fluids all in. Limit straps done done in the rear. Seats all in. Panels on. All shocks on and charged with nitrogen. With these headers the spark plug wires no longer hit. So that’s something I didn’t have to change in the end. I had to fight like crazy to get the air bled out of the cooling system. Got it though. The car uses 5/8” studs instead of 1/2”. So I had to drill out the pro comp wheels. Man was that a job. I don’t have a mill, so I had to rig up a way to do it in the drill press. Finally got it. Took the better part of the day just to do that. Got in a little seat time around the yard. Feels good.
  22. joblo

    V8rail Build

    Thanks. I thought so too
  23. joblo

    V8rail Build

    This made me smile today even though I missed the buggy roundup. https://youtu.be/hSrTH5TeAUU
  24. joblo

    Buggy Roundup 5!

    I’ve been thrashing like crazy to try and make this. I don’t know if I’ll make it or not but I sure am trying. Hopefully fluids will be in tomorrow and try to fire it up.
  25. joblo

    V8rail Build

    Thanks. That's cool. I tried pretty hard to track them down when I first bought it so I could try and pick their brains but the closest I got was being to slow on buying the green 2 seater that was partially done.