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  1. Yes sorry to not put up a public reply. This is at Sandhills Resort
  2. So our family planned to go to Idaho June 29- July 6 Unfortunately due to work demands we cannot get there. 4 spots. Sites 52, 106, 107, 108 I know its short notice but I thought I should throw it out there in case anyone can use them Let me know
  3. All the wind Dumont is getting has her looking SOOO SOOOO GOOD. Sucks your car broke but getting out and enjoying a weekend away is still winning!
  4. My brother was out there and said the same thing about the carnage. He said the helicopter must have never shut down. As soon as it left it returned for somebody else.
  5. I'm pretty sure that is going to happen at Buttercup. I think there is a meet and camp similar to the buggy roundup but its at an actual rv park in Yuma or somebody that has some acreage to park rigs. I am pretty sure the info is on the old school buggy instagram page.
  6. Are the shocks bypasses? Some cool stuff out there from the manufacturers now. The work turned out nice. You should not have to worry about that anymore.
  7. At this point anything cooler than 100 degrees is welcome. Looks like a fun trip but 30 degrees now would be like living in antártica
  8. No. But we saw them building houses nearby that were of the modern touch that could’ve been that way. I have some pictures from the other side but it would not let me upload them because of size. Nevermind. It works today. Go figure.
  9. We went to Eden, Ut a few weeks ago. Nice place. Somebody left a huge metal paper airplane in the forest. Nice lake, best of all cool weather. The rim in Arizona is a spectacular place. My wife grew up in one of the small towns East of there. One of my favorite places especially for monsoon season.
  10. joblo

    V8rail Build

    The car ran good. New gear set in the diff was pretty good. Maybe another set might be better but its pretty close for now. I am thinking I may like this ratio a lot for Dumont. I am excited to find out. The new arms held up fine so far. I felt like I gave them a pretty good beating, but maybe more time will tell. The new torque converter was much better than the old one. I played with bypass adjustment that made quite a bit of difference. I still have to much rebound in the rear but I still have more adjustability in the shock. Overall it was a good trip. My 2nd oldest got to rip around in his Grandma's car. It was fun having him out learning to dune a buggy.
  11. joblo

    V8rail Build

    Oh and I also put a limited slip diff in the quick change. So far in the hardpack it’s 100% better. I need to get it into the sand to see how well it will work there. I think I’ve finally got the right ratio/gear set in there too. Should be a lot of fun. Swapped the torque converter too. I had a basically stock converter at 1800 stall. I switched it with a 2300 stall and it seems to help also.
  12. joblo

    V8rail Build

    Back to work on this thing. I made a bunch of trips last season and had a ton of fun. However this year I haven’t been out. Hopefully soon. I’m having to deal with this first. This is the better side. The other side is worse. Both front lower a-arms are bending. I thought maybe it’s not .120 wall tubing or maybe it’s not chromoly? Upon cutting its .120 wall, at least it looks like it but I didn’t actually measure. I have no way to verify material. So away they go. I simply don’t want to risk it. Here’s the replacement You can see a piece of the old arm. The bend was where the small plate stopped. Hopefully this will fix it.
  13. If you can fit this in the hole of your rim or just drill it out some if needed , you could use these. It unscrews in the middle just below the cap and will let air out super fast.
  14. I wear a full face helmet and sunglasses. Works pretty good. If I keep the lense closed I rarely get sand in. However I like to leave it open for fresh air and tend to get blasted once or twice before I realize I should close it.
  15. I’ve been jonesing so bad for this thread. I was planning to be there but couldn’t make it out. It was going to be my first trip this year. Last year was such a good time. Looks like this year didn’t disappoint!
  16. Pulled the quick change out of my car today. Off to speedway for some upgrades. Going to an open center diff setup.
  17. Looks much better. I like how you tied in the rear with the plate.
  18. Wow!! She’s sharp and smooth!! In the second picture on the ridge, looks like it’s super soft but the ridge line is solid.
  19. Too hot out there now and in August. Halloween is usually the first big weekend at dumont kicking off the start of the winter dune season. If the weather has cooled off some before then people will start making trips on the weekend. Dune season lasts into March- May depending on how quickly the weather heats up.
  20. Taking my car to a shop to do some tin work. I’m excited to see what they can do.
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