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  1. Epic ride, Awesome video! Thanks for saving the day on the almost slow roller crash . Props to side by side guy I have never seen a belt changed so fast. Looking forward to the next ride already!
  2. Went last weekend only one there on Friday fresh tracks all. Dunes were so steep, I made the wife cry... it was sweet !!!!
  3. It's going to be in 80s next weekend. The dunes should be nasty sharp. Last ride of the season anyone coming
  4. I have a sand limo slinger 2 seater. It weights 1600 lbs with a 2.2 ectec. I am looking to get some king bypass shocks; are 2.0 x16 enough or should I get the 2.5? I was told the 2.5 would be too much shock. Anyone have an opinion?
  5. I'm the one that skeezed in your pic last year (far right car). Car was't finished last year, so I was only there for the day testing. She's finally done! Looking forward to meeting everyone and a full weekend run!
  6. I have a sand limo stinger it has a 2.2 ecotec with a 002 tranny. Do they make a sequental shifter that fits my tranny. I think it is the same for a 091. As sone as I blow mine up I will putting a 091 in my car. Will it still fit
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