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  1. Please email through the link if interested. Second from top (located near Wasco, OR). Thanks! https://tpdtrailers.com/used-trailers/ Actually, here's the link to my trailer: https://tpdtrailers.com/listings/2002-cv820t-bumper-pull-2/ 20' Box. 17'10" usable floor from workbench/tool chest to rear. 89" rear opening. 81" between wells. All measurements +/-. Thanks!
  2. No longer available . Got ripped off by Dave at Desert Dynamics on the arms I had him build, so I need to hold onto these. Thanks.
  3. I want these gone. $150 + $60 to ship to CA.
  4. Lower leading straight tube is 32" (+/-) from threaded bung end to threaded bung end. Uses 3/4 inner/chassis heims and 7/8 heims at the spindle. $1200 shipped to lower 48.
  5. SOLD Came in the mail last Tuesday. Cost me $110. Not using it. 14x18. $90 shipped. If it curls your toes, drop me a PM. Thanks.
  6. 2008 Desert Dynamics A-arms. Never used. Automotive self-etching primer and black satin paint. Just mocked up and never used. These are the factory Desert Dynamics arms used on their dual sport prior to '07, and on their large sand car from '07 -on? Upper and lower arms only (no heims, spindles, etc. ). If interested, comments, questions, etc., PM me ONLY please. Just talked with Dave at DD and new arms are approx $2k. Again, these have never been used (just installed as shown in the pic and then I realized my front track width is too wide for a desert car as these are for their sand car...duh). 32" (+/-) lower arm straight leading edge from threaded bung to threaded bung. $1200 Thanks.
  7. OMF wants $235 per wheel to convert to beadlocks, if that is of interest.
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