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  1. I see him at the swing set the week after Presidents’ Day
  2. There was a rollover where the kids in the back were transported cause they complained about back luckily they were ok
  3. Verizon works like a champ 5 bars lte the works
  4. I’ll check on my way home tonight and let you know
  5. I see the North Pole has been burned down
  6. Drove through on my way home at 2 am wind was light and 51 degrees
  7. Going pres day with lots of corn hanging with Utah Idaho crowd and Cali and even a couple from Nebraska going to be a large group for sure
  8. I like the holiday excitement and people watching and meeting people.And I live in Pahrump so it’s super easy for me to get plenty of alone time in the perfect sand with nobody around It’s 51 miles from my driveway to entrance road
  9. I don’t post here much but Allways check the site super glad your back threw som cask at you to keep it going.the site is great . Just wondering is there a way you could have supporting members . Or that probably turns it more into a job
  10. Sad to say that the driver from Wednesday night died he was from Vegas my prayers go out to his family
  11. 6651 customs is a great shop always top notch
  12. death valley well i live death valley adjacent in pahrump my wife kids and my self ride all the time hit us up. we are off to dumont this weekend somewhere around bathroom 3 towards the finger
  13. until

    morning been on the site for a couple years we dont have a sand car anymore but we have an x3 we are planning to make a day trip to meet people
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