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  1. The car is worth it without the stupid windshield and the hood but big crybabies won’t spend that kind of money unless it has it so there you go
  2. She is currently in the shop getting a new hood and curved windshield, price will go up to 85,000
  3. The frame and arms were purchased in 2008 and sent to Biffle’s shop in North Carolina where it was put together, tested, reinforced with a bunch of tubing and gussets, after all testing was done and strengthening was completed the car was put back together powdered in 2010 and used very little actually, I purchased the car from Greg, we removed the NASCAR Roush motor and I installed a brand new Danzio 415ci LS3 Life racing Dash and electronics, Albins 5 Speed sequential transmission with cooler and pump etc., the car is in sane, if I need to tell you about a suspensions unlimited and how they handle especially being over built like this one, this is not for you LOL 74,500 The car sells itself, never mind the NASCAR royalty package! MAYBE Trade for your sequential car plus cash, will also consider selling the car less motor and computer! No dreamers please. I mean that with the most respect! 760 41nine 859three
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