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  1. We waited it out and left Monday. Just before the sand storm The guys rode to vendors row for some parts and stayed in the car while it hit and in the meantime the girls were at camp holding the canopy and portable shower in place so they didnt fly off. One tent and one canopy where destroyed. But the canopy made for a perfect parachute for the guys to play with once they got back to camp.
  2. Glad to hear your daughter is ok we also have a 3 year old we wish her a speedy recovery
  3. I am huntin all over lv for green sticker I'm being told Friday afternoon can anyone tell me if they have them at vender row at dumpmt
  4. What do you guy think is the best way to dumont from vegas with the least amount of hills
  5. Johnny's RV on boulder highway has 6 V batteries
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