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  1. This weekend was the stop here in San Diego. I managed to score some media credentials and went down there Fri/Sat. Friday was a complete waste for me. Practice was to start at noon, but they were still working on the track well past 1pm. Robby Gordon hit the first jump of the day and nosed the front end into the landing destroying the lower control arm and a shock. They decided the take off and landing needed to be redone. So after another few hours and countless trucks of dirt they began to let the trucks hit the dirt to test the jumps. Atleast I was able to find some shade and watch some tv on the monitors all over the stadium while this was being done. At about 8:30pm I was done! been there since 11am and I wanted to get some rest. The next night was a completely different animal. You could feel the difference. The track looked the same but you knew it was different. Thicker asphalt and it was painted with logo's. Banners everywhere, music was pumping. I walked on the the floor and got my gear ready. It sucked a little for access on the track to get shots. We had two designated spots on Friday and only one on Saturday. But I was able to walk around the stadium and had different vantage points from the seats. The crowd wasn't too bad. They were all on one side. Not sure as to the total fan count but not bad for the first running here in SD. I managed to get a few good pics on the floor but the seating areas seemed to be the best for shots. Here are a few from the night- How Robby's weekend began On the forklift to get fixed Couple of racers drifting right by me at the start/finish turn. Here are the trophy karts and the winners- Here is some racing action- There is a truck in the roost! This guy clipped the k-rail right infront of me! I started to get out of the way (RUN) but I lifted my camera and snapped a few shots of the flip. I was litterally 3-4 feet from this when it happened. The monster trucks came out and put on a good show. During one race they actually hit! One landed on the other and I got it on camera. All in all it was a fun weekend. Anytime I can be behind the camera taking pictures is a good time for me. It was even sweeter being on the floor so close to the action!
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