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Found 2 results

  1. I make short, silly videos on YouTube about my dogs and I traveling around to pick up litter. This video is from the clean up last year. Can't wait for the next one! Video - Dumont Dunes Annual Cleanup Event
  2. So my brother and i were cruising by what I like to call "Cinder Cone Valley" and we stopped on the opposite side of the valley from the Cinder Cone Dune (see picture, looks like a cinder cone to me) to pick up some trash (two weeks after Halloween, could not believe how much trash there was). My 12 year old son Chase (5' 9") decided to run to the top of Cinder Cone Dune, first along the ridge and then down the face and then back up from the bottom! That is one of the steepest dunes in Dumont... I questioned whether he would even be able to do it. He sprinted to the top unbelievably fast, I thought to myself...it is a human comp hill! I wish I would have video'd it to get a time on the hill climb. He challenged everyone to a race but no one took him up on it. Okay, so I know there are some athletic duners out there as not all of us are beer bellied motor-heads so he challenges anyone to a human hill climb. Just video it and post it up, we should be able to get a time from the video. The next time we go, I'll make sure to get his climb on video. Who knows, maybe eventually we could have a championship race event to add to the Thanksgiving activities each year.
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