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  1. This is a perfect ATV for a budding ATV enthusiast. It is fast but can be governed by adjusting a bolt. Handles well, and by adjusting the number of shocks you run, the ride can be smooth for the lower weight rider or stiffer for a heavier racer. It has been well maintained and is very reliable. This 2006 Yamaha 80 is one tough quad, registration is up to date and it is ready to go. Perfect quad for learning to ride or training ATV for racing and other 4-wheeled sports. My kids have outgrown it. - electric start - 3 speed (no clutch), just foot shift - dirt trail and sand tires - shaft drive (no chain which is great for the sand) - whip and flag - extra maintenance parts - have kids riding gear (helmet, boots, gloves, and pants/shirt) for an additional cost (or best offer, cash only, local pick up)
  2. 2009 Tech3 Two Seat mid-engine long travel sand rail $14,500 obo (Huntington Beach CA) This sand rail was first registered in 2009 as a spec construction vehicle, then it was completely disassembled and then professionally rebuilt by Sand Cars Unlimited. Designed for solid reliability and to accelerate up any sand hill at Dumont Dunes (280 ft-lb torque). It just goes anywhere you want and handles like it's on rails. Cruise in 2nd gear at 5mph or take it all the way up to 50mph before shifting into 3rd. This sand car is like new, only 12-weekend trips total. I don't want to sell but I lost my tow vehicle so it is time for it to go. It needs nothing, its registered, up to date, and ready to dune. Original owner, used in the dunes only, never wrecked, rolled or abused. Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe fuel injected engine (rebuilt in 2006), 2.3L inline 4, turbo and intercooled, oil cooler, Esslinger adjustable cam pulley, Ranger roller cam, solid dependability, and great torque SDS computer/ignition system aluminum V8 radiator with dual electric fans thermo controlled Megasand transmission just gone through and refreshed by Rancho 930 stub axles and bearings, CV boots like new Fox shocks (all four just rebuilt) - rears have external reservoirs rear paddle tires with bead lock aluminum star rims blacked out with blue bead lock rings front spindle sand rims star blacked out off-road/street rims and tires included, spindle hub 5 lug adapter for the front off road rims/tires 18" ground clearance, 17" wheel travel front, and back frame and side panels powered coated black by Embee (side panels and wing wrapped) 5 point seat belts new battery new high torque starter multi-colored led whip, front running lights, mount and wired for Baja led light bar (led light bar not included) 11-gallon custom gas tank Beard Seats custom removable soft roof PCI radio set - intercom, push to talk button, carbon fiber headsets, music/phone audio input cable lockable rear wing storage, brake light, running lights Text me at 949-232-0177 Buggy length: 12' 8" weight: 1100lbs, selling entire car, no part outs, local only, buyer picks up. music video here: Cold start video here: https://youtu.be/aUDGbYqjosA
  3. Weather was great, no crowds, little windy, entrance bumpy.
  4. Dang Imperialist leave crap everywhere!
  5. So my brother and i were cruising by what I like to call "Cinder Cone Valley" and we stopped on the opposite side of the valley from the Cinder Cone Dune (see picture, looks like a cinder cone to me) to pick up some trash (two weeks after Halloween, could not believe how much trash there was). My 12 year old son Chase (5' 9") decided to run to the top of Cinder Cone Dune, first along the ridge and then down the face and then back up from the bottom! That is one of the steepest dunes in Dumont... I questioned whether he would even be able to do it. He sprinted to the top unbelievably fast, I thought to myself...it is a human comp hill! I wish I would have video'd it to get a time on the hill climb. He challenged everyone to a race but no one took him up on it. Okay, so I know there are some athletic duners out there as not all of us are beer bellied motor-heads so he challenges anyone to a human hill climb. Just video it and post it up, we should be able to get a time from the video. The next time we go, I'll make sure to get his climb on video. Who knows, maybe eventually we could have a championship race event to add to the Thanksgiving activities each year.
  6. It's getting dark... don't let the witch-eye get ya! Happy Halloween!
  7. Those Imperial campers leave junk everywhere! I know, I know.... not acceptable, just a fan having some fun...;o)
  8. Nothing exciting, just a cell phone pic, sort of represents the end of the 2015 season. and a very colorful fire
  9. Dumontaffliction


    Photos that add to the pain and suffering of not being there...
  10. The weather was nice, a little warm when the breeze stopped. About 13 camp sites were out there. But what is up with the flies? Must have been a really wet year out there. Oh ya, no dead bodies laying around...
  11. Thinking about squeezing in one more trip! Spring Break in the sand! Should be just starting to warm up out there. Anyone up for it? April 9-12...
  12. After driving 4 hours in non-stop rain to get to Dumont...we arrived in paradise!
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