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ATC 70 parts for sale

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Mark on another board is selling a roller or parts---

have a atc 70 that i would like to part out. i dont know the year of it. it is just sitting off in a corner and i need the room. i believe it is a full complete roller beside the motor and rear axle nuts. i do have a atc110 with complete wiring harness that i can add to the deal if wanted. i am thinking of $150.00 O.B.O for all or part it out. NEW PRICE $125.00

sorry for such a bad pic but this is all i have.

Contact Mark at : sandpro666@att.net

post-6269-063260200 1289355504_thumb.jpg

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Do you have the foot pegs, that are all complete....most foot pegs are missing the rods that forms the pegs????ya know what im talking about???i guess it is the part that keeps your foot from going into the rear tires..... and do you have a rear grab bar??? thanks

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Contact Mark at --- Contact Mark at : sandpro666@att.net if he doesn't have it let me know and i will make a few calls and see if i can locate you one.. :beercheers:

Just received a call from another buddy of mine that will be selling/parting out his 70 and stash. once i get list with contact info i will post it here for everyone..

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Ask for Chris-

He has a somewhat complete 70 minus the front fender and carb its a 83 phone # 951 906 6340 rte66scb@aol.com

Waiting in pictures will post once i receive them

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Okay first off i make zero money on these, what i paid to have them made you pay. With that being said i had 11 sets made and paid 25.00 for each set. Includes front fork plate and rear plate made out of stainless steel, so it should polish up real nice.

you pay 25.00 plus shipping great little add on for the 70's

Pm me if interested...

post-6269-049775300 1291316238_thumb.jpg

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More parts for sale.

I have 2 bars left 5$ each get them out of here!

post-6269-087840900 1291469810_thumb.jpg

Carb with powder coated intake and filter- 15.00

post-6269-000091600 1291469888_thumb.jpg

clutch 5.00

post-6269-082781400 1291469872_thumb.jpg

brake lever and inner control- 10.00

post-6269-046960700 1291469904_thumb.jpg

rear chain cover - 5.00

post-6269-040145900 1291469917_thumb.jpg

throttles 10.00

post-6269-008221800 1291469853_thumb.jpg

Wife says clean my pile up so im open to offers on everything. Carb was setup for my kids 88kit been sitting for a season....

Pm if interested in any of these parts...

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