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  1. I think I might have one, I have to shift through my boxes and see what I have...
  2. This sucks Pete. You have done so much for the 70s addiction group. I am all up for cruising the dunes and gathering and hooking up a killer memory run. Thanks for all your efforts and making some incredible memories...
  3. See what happens when you have too much time on your hands. If you are cool with it, i will see if we can get this on a few other web sites... There are allot of closet ATC70 fans that would love to be a part of this event...
  4. cool video, little (70) moves....
  5. Oh the Team Rocket Factory is hosting a 70's regatta, gonna be blast trying to work things out to make this trip.
  6. Its a really nice maintained track, back area of the course has a straight away for drag races. Noe the barn or the aka party shack rocks, work area, coaches TVs ping pong tables the owners are killerly cool. You could ride this track all day and have a blast every lap. We depart for Duffyland in 1/2 we will see you there. Did i forget to mention free camping for this event? the night life is a blast as well,
  7. Wow you DDr peeps are busy this summer with killer projects... Nice...
  8. Sounds like a fun project.. Keep us posted on your progress
  9. Good to see that they are meeting the demand of the consumers looking forward t oseeing what other new SideXSides will be avalible 2012
  10. One class winner take ALL, Iron-man course Pete you and your staff are doing fine. Trust me i have been to several regattas and this by far is very well organized and the staff is very helpful to everyone. Do not complicate this event anymore then you have too. Keep it fun and exciting for all...
  11. Me personaly i like it when the track is full, cool to pass and get past. Nothing like nocking handle bars in a heat of ATC 70's..
  12. Add 2 more class Pete! Suspended Class And ........................ Bikini on three class! <--- For chicks only, i have no interest in seeing Mad Matt in a bikini
  13. Bustin-bs

    Big Wheel

    I don't see an attachment for the tow-rope
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