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Ron Watson

091 transaxle noise

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Last weekend I had my car out for the first time. After an hour or so of blast around in the desert, my car started making a clicking sound only in 1st gear and only when the clutch is out.

When I push in the clutch, the noise seems to goes away.

I know it "doesn't" do it in 2nd gear, but I shut it down right away when I heard the noise and didn't get into 3rd or 4th.

Could it be something to do with the throw-out bearing or is it something wrong deeper in the trans?

My clutch actuation is hydraulic and the pedal feels normal.

BTW, I have an 091 bus trans with a 2332cc VW.

Thanks for any help.

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Actually not yet, but I've been doing other things (installing electric power steering).

I will definitely post when the trans is fixed. Thanks for asking.

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