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Thinking about buying a bare, SAND SPRITE, mid engine frame with front,A-Arm suspension for a reverse trike project. Anybody out there have disk brakes, hubs or wheels for sale that will fit on this frame??? OR, know what would be my cheapest option for these parts and where I can get them???Please contact with my email so I will be sure to see it--Jerome, metalmove@yahoo.com

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typically the older Type 1 transaxle frames use link pin front ends,  so most did not use front brakes, they used a spindle mount wheel,   latest rage has the solid spindle mount wheels and so does douglas wheel,  so it will use the old bug front brake, Kartek still might have some brakes from CNC,


personally allot of Combo front brakes for sale, allot of bigger cars going to 2'' hollow so you see allot of combo brakes, it would be easy to convert the spindle to a larger combo spindle if you wanted a bigger setup  

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