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  1. i would be down, also of think about the back area of sand hollow, Full hookups, then hang at the lake, then can dune and some mild desert
  2. A bunch of the Contractors i sell to is putting in there bids, I looked at the Bid Package and the asphalt will almost to the pay station, they are redoing the concrete water crossing, around 250 cyds, They want the concrete work done by October.
  3. Thank you , looks like Granite Construcion was, low bidder,
  4. This, is not how this works, first they will put it out to Bid, has this Bid yet, Then unlike normal bids, It is a Federal job, so the Bid Results will be reviewed for 30 day, After the 30 Days if no bidder protests the bid, then they have 60 days for notice to proceed, after notice to proceed you will then see work start, This will only start if the Bid meets the requirements of the bid package, for example if the budget is 1,00,000,000 and the bid comes in over 10%, Then it might go back out for bid or bid review. So after the Bid is awarded, bid bonds are met, then they will have notice to proceed, all and all this could take 6 months, Does anyone of a link to the Project bid, or bid results, If this is a CMAR or Design build, then it could take a year for design before it goes into review.
  5. I good with that, my RV and truck is over 100K, That road even at 15mph has shook every wall, broke hangers lessened walls, it will pretty much need 10K of repair to get the trailer back to where it should be,
  6. Depends on the keep up, I think they will keep up with most drivers, for me i am abdicated, to going fast 1000HP on a pre-runner with 39'' tires, full sequential, Most Sand cars dont keep up with us, So i you i dont think it is a mater of keeping up, it is who you ride with and how fast you want to go, i have hit 125-MPH in some places, so a lot of cars wont do that and no SXS will.
  7. little motor mods to make it work
  8. some pics of dry sump system Installed on our DD car
  9. As we move forward with Engine builds, I feel like the bigger the cubic inch the harder the oil control, we have moved into a 4.380 crank stroke and it just whips the oil, Couple of things to think about, When filling the oil pan, if you do this with water when the pan is on the shelf, when you reach the capacity of the pan, the oil level is almost to the top of the pan, with some larger stroke's the crank will be sitting in the oil before start up, When oil gets hot, it is like water, the oil is moving around like water is in a pan, take a pan of water fill it to the top and go drive around, that is what is going on in a wet sump, Now get the front tires off the ground or go down a good % of oil is sitting on the crank Blender time, when the crank is spinning, the cranks has ruff machine marks whipping Air into the oil and over time you will have more Air then oil in this mixture, Wet sumps need to rest to let the air release from the oil, Engine heat, the wet sump just collects heat, only way to really cool down the temp is to turn the motor off,
  10. our trailer is a 2016 and it has beat the piss out of it, i am down to 15 miles a hour and it just gets rattled, I am over Halloween, last prez day was perfect, Thanks-G was perfect amount of peeps, If the road makes it worse on Riff-Raff, then i will just stick to off weekends, But will make the trip more enjoyable to not stress about the trailer being beat up,
  11. they all look the same for the outside, It is super easy to figure out the model, just need one pic of the inside,
  12. It made it, cant wait till next weekend
  13. You are correct its is not actually in Death Valley, but they are from Kansas, so it gives them a idea of how the Conditions might be, it is straight across from Dumont,
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