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  1. do you have a closer pic of the side of the nosecone area is this a 2D or a 4E
  2. first of all, you can have 10 titles, it does not matter I have sold plenty of cars to CA, the County of California does not recognize the titles to the Great state of Nevada, so it would not matter even if you have a Title, second Nevada only started titling OHV, UHV and UTV about 5 years ago, you got a Certificate from the dealer of manufacture, The big point is the Country of California is different then the Country of the USA, so you are from California and you want to by in United States of America, you will have to go into this process no matter what
  3. Sandrashouch Trailer got stolen from Las Vegas, he had his Golf Cart inside, if anyone sees a trailer like this can you please Post or PM, us thank you!!!! One item that some trailer might not have is that the front electric jack is not a trailer jack it is from a motorhome level system, so it welded on with no switch, back door said, Abracadabra Electric, trailer is a 24' Universal 5 lug wheels
  4. just looked for a replacement Tiki it is about $450 will keep a eye out for one on las vegas craigslist one 5' 200lbs for $300
  5. I do have another one, but it has a wire harness with it, I can send you the link and you can call Paul, this motor that paul has is a 402 New Pistons New bearings the motor listed was used above https://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?/forums/topic/362527-402-stroker-ls2-na-or-turbo/
  6. https://www.grautogallery.com/vehicles?utf8=✓&q[year_eq]=2011&q[make_eq]=Sand&q[model_eq]=&q[price_gteq]=&q[branch_eq]=&ftx $19.900
  7. that looks like one of the nicer looking truggys will post it on GD for you but should list a price
  8. very interesting we are thinking about going from Dumont on the dirt to tecopa brewery, makes me think about what I need incase there is a issue, with 2 cars
  9. if you are staying at the little dunes, it is mostly family with little kids if you have a 800 really should stay near the larger dunes, personally if you do not have paddles staying across from the ranger station and hitting all the hard pack hills works out really well if you are in the little dune and are not familiar with them, then you should really know your surroundings due to so many small kids on the small dunes
  10. yes and no, if the rear is way out and has to go up allot then I haves seen disconnect if you park in a way that the front is going up and the back going down them most keep the trailers hooked, depending on the system, some in cam will did small holes in front of the tires then drive in the holes to help pre-level the coach from side to side
  11. Love it Neal that is awesome, I did the jumps for the Camera hope you had a good time, I had a great time thanks Pete
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