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  1. What a Slut, i thought i was the only one, Damn it
  2. I have talk to a lot of people and most are also coming from Glamis, they tell me Dumont is the place to be on Halloween due to the craziness, My daughter likes the Trick and Treat, but for me the music all night just wears me out, so think this year i am going to show up Saturday Morning and stay till Wed-Thurs, in the past i got there on Tuesday and Thursday Friday was a sh*t show,
  3. IMG_0117.MOV Wheelie Video above link
  4. your jump never happened it is a figment of your imagination
  5. Took Thursday and Friday off will get there one of those days Allen offroad and Sandrashouch is also going this year
  6. thanks you guys lots of work but got it knocked it out quick
  7. this will be awesome, glad we have good BLM not like Glamis
  8. sorry different steve, but Becky now has a 383 so she has more than her old man now LOL tease Steve about it all the time, if anyone sees Steve Bagshaw, ask him about how his wife has more HP,
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