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  1. jalper

    First Time Visitor

    if you are staying at the little dunes, it is mostly family with little kids if you have a 800 really should stay near the larger dunes, personally if you do not have paddles staying across from the ranger station and hitting all the hard pack hills works out really well if you are in the little dune and are not familiar with them, then you should really know your surroundings due to so many small kids on the small dunes
  2. jalper

    RV Levelers and Trailer

    yes and no, if the rear is way out and has to go up allot then I haves seen disconnect if you park in a way that the front is going up and the back going down them most keep the trailers hooked, depending on the system, some in cam will did small holes in front of the tires then drive in the holes to help pre-level the coach from side to side
  3. jalper

    Buggy Roundup 6 Weekend Trip Reports

    Love it Neal that is awesome, I did the jumps for the Camera hope you had a good time, I had a great time thanks Pete
  4. jalper

    December Dune Pic of the Month

    nice pic
  5. jalper

    408 CI Turnkey LS2 $6200

    6200 or best offer Turnkey LS2 Stroked to a 402 CI, Motor was Build By Turnkey, 243 Heads Eagle 4.00 Crankshaft Eagle H beam Rods Clevite bearings LS2 intake with 92mm straight bore, comes with IAC TPS sensor map sensor Polished fuel rails and crossover LS1 Coil packs with new Taylor 409'' wires Turnkey Polished coil covers and Header studs to easily mount the headers has F-body oil pan chrome balancer pulley with chrome balancer bolt, will also put on a brand new water pump, 160 amp chrome alternator will install a new pilot bearings and put in a new rear main seal running on a 24X system we have the Mefi 4B will sell or trade the ECM so you can have the tune for the motor, have a very used harness if someone purchased the ECM from another board member
  6. jalper

    Buggy Roundup 5 Trip Reports

    What a great time, big hand to Pete for all the hard work that went into this roundup
  7. jalper

    Buggy Roundup 5


    loaded up, me and sandroosten leaving in about a hour!!!!!
  8. jalper

    Halloween Vid jetjock/Alper

    nice work looking good