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  1. they all look the same for the outside, It is super easy to figure out the model, just need one pic of the inside,
  2. It made it, cant wait till next weekend
  3. You are correct its is not actually in Death Valley, but they are from Kansas, so it gives them a idea of how the Conditions might be, it is straight across from Dumont,
  4. (541) 290-0132 kelly rv phone kam@kellysrvrentals.com
  5. If it is your first time, Dumont is in Death Valley area, really no close Lodging, Pahrump is the closest town with lodging around 30 miles away, Reserve Kelly's RV, they will meat you at Dumont Home (kellysrvrentals.com)
  6. Right i am so gong to try to refrain from driving like a d*ck at TG, Got Dom car fixed, and think i got some newbie's going should be a great time, ThanksG will be a family event, Buggy 9, trying to get my liver ready,
  7. It really the only trip that i care about all year, New Motor is dialed, going to be some fun,
  8. There are so many good times to go to Dumont, we are hooked on the Holiday weekends, (cool stuff to see, stop and see so many friends), I get it is a place to let loose, I fully understand that, i am good with all the music, well not country music, but what makes me sad, is now, Halloween seems more about festival than what it use to be. you have so many people now going there just to party with NO offroad vehicles, I see camps now with one SXS, NO buggies and 25 people, I really dont see this on any other Holiday, I think it will feel not like Halloween for some time, In the future for the kids we will show up Saturday and later in the week as people are leaving, or just not go for Halloween, Get rid of the people that only own SXS and that will fix the issue, LOL
  9. A friend of mine got ran over at the entrance to comp, we tried to tell him that it was a dangerous area on a Holiday with very little experience on a Bike, I try not to cut the blind corner at the entrance/exit bottle neck going to and from Comp hill, some people think it is left and right like the flow of traffic on the street, my advice for people is dont cut the corner, it can lead to a head on,
  10. pretty sure this is Sand Hills Resort, where we are staying only goes to 60 spots
  11. What place is it at, We need Idaho Dunes RV, if so I need one of the spots,
  12. What a Slut, i thought i was the only one, Damn it
  13. I have talk to a lot of people and most are also coming from Glamis, they tell me Dumont is the place to be on Halloween due to the craziness, My daughter likes the Trick and Treat, but for me the music all night just wears me out, so think this year i am going to show up Saturday Morning and stay till Wed-Thurs, in the past i got there on Tuesday and Thursday Friday was a sh*t show,
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