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18,000 obo

I have the parts list from Larry Short and MSO. I need to rebuild or replace the front air shocks. I had a local garage send them to Fox a while back, turns out that the tech who did the repair was quit/was terminated but only after he sabotaged several work orders, I'm fairly confident mine was one.

I do not use this much, never did, you will be able to see that quickly. No turbo. Hayabusa 1300 cc. 

Jeffco Transmission with reverse and cutter breaks.

930 CV Axle with Outboard Disc Brakes

PRP Competition High Back Seat with Crow seat belt with pads. Passenger is a 5 point harness, driver is 4 point.

Steering wheel has a Gear One clamp on Billet steering housing with Quick Connect.

Jamar Pedals

5 foot lighted whip - incandescent bulb type currently.

Sandviper 675 front tires on Solid spindle mount wheels.

Rear 1300 Paddle tire.

Wing Trunk - storage for tow ropes/water etc.

Steel braided lines in the engine compartment.

Fox 2.0 air shocks - Front 8.5 and Rear 14.0


I'm having it cleaned up now - it has been sitting in the garage/warehouses for the last several years. I have been busy with school and starting a new business over the last several years. Now I have a young family and am looking to do something that fits more of the small children.




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I'm a little embarrassed how the rail was strapped to the front, but my father did it and it wasn't worth correcting him. Here it is on the way to liquids freshened, clean it up, and hopefully get those front shocks rebuilt. She's wide even with the street wheel setup. 




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