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Halloween 2018 Brings Another Huge Crowd to Dumont Dunes

The dust has finally settled and everyone has made it home safely from another great weekend at Dumont Dunes. Over 12,000 excited duners headed out to be part of the annual Halloween tradition. Some came out for the thrill of running the dunes while others were just there to party in the stimulating atmosphere of Dumont. If you've been going out to Dumont for a while, you are used to hearing about accidents, arrests, and medical calls when these many people get together on a big holiday weekend. But this year was different. Although law enforcement issued 68 citations, NO arrests were made and there were NO major medical calls. Even during peak duning hours when the dunes had a ton of traffic, our group noticed drivers and riders were very alert, using hand signals (the ones with more than one finger 😁), yielding to others, and just plain playing it safe to avoid any close calls or collisions. 



photo by Christine Potter


These bird's eye views show how the camp area was loaded with circles of campers.




Even during the day when temperatures were in the 90's, Comp Hill was full of people!



Vendor Row was slightly smaller this year, but shaved ice and ice cream vendors stayed busy serving up stuff to keep everyone cool. 




When it came time to trick-or-treat, the camp decorations went up and everyone got into their costumes. It seems many groups try to one-up each other (or themselves) each year which is great! Everyone really gets into the Halloween spirit out there, especially the Romo Motorsports camp. They all dressed up in wacky inflatable costumes. Some hit up camps the old fashion Dumont way and a large crowd gathered at the 2nd Annual Trunk or Treat put on by Friends of Dumont Dunes and the BLM. It was much more organized this year and the organizers and LEOs did a great job of keeping it safe. Over 5000 people showed up. 


photo by Romo Motorsports



photo by Brooke Ardenski



photo by Heather N Siders


The costume party continued at Comp Hill at night especially when a dance stage, complete with lights and music, was trailered over. It drew quite a crowd but eventually came to a halt when law enforcement shut it down. 




photo by Mike Colosimo





Follow the Halloween Trip Reports and Discussion here...


Halloween Video by @metalalien


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