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  1. Thanks Sven. nah I just do it for fun... the DJI goggles help alot. You can really see where you are flying.
  2. Can't really call it four stroke wars anymore...lol
  3. Wish I still had mine but I would never race again unless I won the lottery or something. I'd just build a big duner or something and be done with it. But I have dogs now so all my money is going into the truck.
  4. lol, nah I don't mind really I just thought it was funny how much of their video is clips from other peoples videos. after all I never asked Rob Zombie if i could use his song.
  5. someone just published a video on Dumont Halloween... I won't link it here but it used a tons of clips from my video and one of the other Dumont hallowen videos...lol even has a brief shot of you Pete when we were walking to the stage... must be nice right? Why take any video when you can just grab all the clips you need from everyone else... ha ha.
  6. In case you guys missed it... or in case you were glad to see it go...lol here is the stage getting shut down by the police at comp hill.
  7. lol yea I don't have the original beavis and butthead halloween video but I have all the source video so I tried to recreate it using 2018 with a little reminder of the classic 2011 at the end.
  8. Yea that was crazy in a good way... I've never seen comp that crowed before... the lines went all the way to the small dunes and kept going. For all that crowd there really wasn't a lot going on at the hill... no big grudge matches or crazy rides other than the 1300hp sand rails... Banshee hill was good though. the Banshees never fail to entertain. Oh yea and good to see you again Pete! I always se old friends when I go to Dumont.
  9. Alright, which one of you watched my Presidents day video for an hour and 37 minutes?
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