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  1. April 1 - 3 Weekend

    Anyone planning on going out for this one? Says its suppose to be 83 degrees in the day and 57 at night.
  2. Upgraded our Internet service today

    It is the setup at work. We have a direct fiber connection from our building to downtown Los Angeles co-location data center called LA1. AT&T is our transport company that provides this connection. Downtown we have a cabinet with switching and Huricane Electric is our internet provider at LA1. AT&T and Hurricane are patched to our switch. That setup allows us to patch our key clients directly into the switch and stay outside of the traditional internet. Or we can route through Hurricane for interent connectivity. I just never got to run speed test on something like that until yesterday. Can’t wait to play some Call of Duty.
  3. Who's headed out the 13th thru 15th ?

    We will be there thursday thru sunday.
  4. Just got back from vacation

    Excellent job Pete. Looks like fun
  5. Feb 20th-22nd Weekend

    Anyone heading out for the dunes this weekend?
  6. MLK Weekend Trip?

    Anyone going out Thursday night?
  7. MLK Weekend Trip?

    MLK is our next trip too
  8. Buggy Roundup - Dec 12-14, 2014

    Looks like my two buddies can't make it. Im still in and have some firewood that I will bring.
  9. Buggy Roundup - Dec 12-14, 2014

    I'm in. See ya there
  10. my endless dune summer

    Yes this is awesome Steve. Thanks for sharing with us. Jealous as all heck !
  11. Need to get me one of these trucks

    Have to admit, they have some creative commercials
  12. Need to get me one of these trucks

    These trucks can do it all