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  1. That is what Dumont people do pulled together when needed thanks for everything you do Pete
  2. Sorry to hear about your friend I also lost my dad to lung cancer cancer sucks I also have a good friend with bone cancer!!
  3. I wish we could charge a late fee to whoever is responsible
  4. Never go to the dunes alone it is not safe out there by yourself
  5. Granddaughters love the tiki man!
  6. 5150 whips are the best lighted whips hands-down great customer service would have nothing else!!!
  7. Karma has a way of getting those people back when something bad happens to them or one of their family members they'll think about the time they took the tiki man maybe if they bring him back the Good Karma will return until then they will suffer the consequences!!!!!!!!!
  8. Because those kind of people have no respect or class for themselves or other people they are the scum of the Earth!!!!!!!!!! PS I hope they rot in hell!!!!!!!!
  9. Boy I couldn't agree with you more although I have a toy hauler I don't go down that road fast that is what tears it up I was there last weekend also road is in pretty bad shape at least I seen some progress on the cell tower workers on the hill going back in two weeks hopefully!!
  10. At Dumont the weekend before president's weekend possible progress on cell tower workers on the hill good sign!!
  11. This cell tower has turned into a joke!!!
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