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  1. It shows you guys have a lot of class!!!!
  2. Please don't leave any trash and if you see trash pick it up and take it home and throw it away please it shows a lot of class!!!!
  3. I deleted it also Pete!
  4. BLM return my call yesterday and I received my season pass today via fedex
  5. BLM called me today have my season pass coming left message about 2 weeks ago they will call you back!!
  6. Verizon is a joke when you're looking at the tower and don't have five bars that just doesn't make sense!!!!!!!
  7. Damn low life pigs that have to steal I hate thieves!!! Lowlifes lazy don't want to work that's why they steal they've got no class!!!
  8. Thanks Pete you and Anna are the best!!!
  9. If everyone would drive the posted speed limit the road would stay in a lot better shape the people think they need to drive 50 miles an hour down a 25 mile an hour's Road and that's what tears it up
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