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  1. Jkadel165

    September 2018 Dune Pic of the Month

    these photos are not helping with my sand withdrawls
  2. Jkadel165

    2018/2019 Passes

    awesome. Thanks Pete
  3. Anyone have an idea on when 18/19 passes will be available? I've started my prep on getting ready for this season and wanna get that taken care of.
  4. Jkadel165


    What would everyone recommend for a good size paddle tire for a 2017 yfz450r SE?
  5. What would everyone recommend paddle size for a 2017 YFZ 450r? Just got a brand new one a few days ago and can't determine what size to get

    1. DuNe~Rydher


      I ran skat haulers when I had a 450r but for the life of me I can't remember what size I ran. Sorry.

    2. dunefreak


      An 8 cup paddle would be perfect. Post this in the motorcycle section. You posted to dune~rydher's profile.