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  1. Jkadel165

    Old gas

    So I’m trying not to be “that guy” and ruin it for others. I have some old gasoline that I do not feel comfortable putting it in my quad nor my truck. Does anyone know of a way I can dispose of this gas properly in Las Vegas. I refuse to go out into the desert and dump it like some people have told me to do.
  2. Do the dunes get busy during Veterans Day weekend?
  3. if you are a Vegas Local Carters Powersports now has their stock of passes.
  4. these photos are not helping with my sand withdrawls
  5. Anyone have an idea on when 18/19 passes will be available? I've started my prep on getting ready for this season and wanna get that taken care of.
  6. What would everyone recommend for a good size paddle tire for a 2017 yfz450r SE?
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