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  • First Trip Of The Season

    • Overall conditions: great
      temperature: perfect
      wind: light breeze
      skies: sunny/ clear skies
      crowd: empty, hardly anyone here
      dunes: razorbacks & witch eyes, virgin smooth, dry sand

    Hell to the yeah! Summer is FINALLY FREAKING OVER!!!!


    Out at the big beautiful sandbox for the first weekend of the season. 


    Things have changed quite a bit out here! As usual from season to season. But this year feels like our regular lines really shifted more than most seasons. 


    Of course there's the regular shelves, witch's eyes and drop offs that come with summer dune conditions. There's also some good smooth lines too.


    We're laying down fresh tracks and there's some light traffic tracks from the light crowd that is out here this weekend. 


    The road coming in of course is a SOLID F rating. As more people start coming on off weekends again the debate will probably arise again, that if we have to start paying during September the BLM should at least grade thar road once a month and not just on holidays!


    It's a beautiful start to the season so far!!


    If you're out and you see us, stop and say HEY!! 😁20211016_102242.thumb.jpg.66a633953666e03b68bd740e22184985.jpg20211015_182712.thumb.jpg.89adca9fa17765292e79c24bf06c170c.jpg20211016_100351.thumb.jpg.ebe650436c461bda42b1121ae42eb570.jpg848050914_20211016_0705592.thumb.jpg.bf34d86f9ddaa7f53997f53d3ed83a10.jpg20211015_203546.thumb.jpg.9b7e99acaa4ccc00232e5dcf20c3e645.jpg




    Secretary Friends of Dumont Dunes 

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