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sand chick

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  1. sand chick


    Today's conditions were 90% windy with a 10% lightly breezy.... Still a good day. Relaxing. Some of the die hards still rode, it's season opener, and sandticipation outweighs the W.... Made a visit to Ba Bert and cleaned the sand off his memorial plaque... He needs a fresh Pepsi and cookies..
  2. sand chick

    Perfect Season Opener

    Arrived at Dumont at 10:45 PM to perfect weather and the scent of fresh sand and dwindling campfires drifting through the air as I crested into the camp area... Chilled for a couple hours visiting before hitting bed... Dogs were up at daybreak... Perfect for a relaxing morning... We hit the dunes at 10:00 AM, stopped for lunch, back out, break until the sunset ride... The sand is perfect, dry, rippley, some razers and shelves, lots of blow sand, the lines were still good and the runs were fast, had comp to ourselves... Perfect start to our Dumont season...
  3. sand chick

    Friday Morning Early October

    Sooooooo incredibly jealous!!! Be there in a week! Lay down some good fast lines for us!!
  4. sand chick

    It's Getting Closer....

    Looking at videos and photos, making engine noises at my desk at work, while my co-workers look sideways at me..... *sigh* addiction is such a terrible thing...
  5. sand chick

    What's new for you next season?

    Thank you! She is really starting to come around and bond with me. That is a why did you stop look! She loves the Maverick and sits in it at camp, sleeps in the passenger seat, I think she might be an addict.
  6. sand chick

    Who's coming to Vendor Row for Halloween weekend?

  7. sand chick

    It's Getting Closer....

    As sandticipation kicks in full force, I find myself constantly looking at the weather report.... is it cold enough yet? How about now? And now? Welllll.... it's getting closer... it also looks like a wet start too... a couple of days dropping into the 80's!!!! Upper 80's yes... but 80's none the less... So when is your first trip planned??? Looks like Halloween for me, but I think I'll just leave my ride at home and go to visit and camp... too hard to ride out there..
  8. sand chick

    Sept Dune Pic of the Month

    Sandticipation is kickin in full tilt! Come on October!!!
  9. sand chick

    Will quads be phased out by side x sides?

    I sold mine, cause, let's face it... I got old. I miss the feeling of sliding through the sand on my Honda. Doctor said no more... I still have to wear a neck brace in the Maverick. It's only a matter of time before I will have no choice but to get the neck surgery...
  10. sand chick


    It totally needs to be a meme! Haha!!
  11. sand chick

    What's new for you next season?

    New to us dune home... Hoping to take it out for the first time over Labor Day, some place cooler.. 2003 Holiday Rambler Scepter Diesel Pusher And Shasta passed away in May I wanted a specific breed of dog when I was ready, I knew I would want to rescue, I figured it was going to take forever to find exactly what I was looking for, since most rescue groups had never heard of the breed before. Catahoula Leopard Dog. I was getting a what? I wanted young, female and mostly black and grey... The group I signed up with found one immediately in Kingman, AZ. So we now have Sandy as our newest family member, she's a handful full of puppy energy, but she'll be able to keep up with our life style and my backpacking adventures.. she already loves her own backpack, I can't wait to be able to put weight in it and take her on her first trip.
  12. sand chick


    I've managed to get out of the heat of Vegas a couple of times... Did 36 miles on the John Muir Trail, this was my first time in the Sierra's, just three girls. Backpacking with girls is a completely different monster then backpacking with dudes, conversations about face cream and make-up and fingernail paint vs. poop, body smell and farts... Lol.. I think I would rather talk about poop... Although it was pretty empowering being 3 female's, trekking into bear country, without the security of a male... We hit up three passes over 10,000 ft and Donahue Pass was 13, 075 ft. The wildflower were crazy! The high mountain lakes were breathtaking. With my usual guys, we trek longer miles and faster paces. So it was nice to take our time and take photos. Here are a few of my favorites...
  13. sand chick


    NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hit up the Sierras! This will be my first trip, starting July 14th! Devils Postpile to Toulunme Meadows, up and over Donahue! Can't wait to lay my eyes on those high mountain lakes!
  14. sand chick


    We've been busy with all the new stuff! New house, new dog, new dune home.... We did make it to Coral Pink for Father's Day... Weather was perfect.. New dog likes to ride... New house, owning again is freaking awesome!!! But less trips.. Back to college... Did manage to land a West Rim Trail permit in Zion... And I have a girls trip planned to knock out 36 miles on the JMT (John Muir Trail)
  15. sand chick

    Summertime Sand Fix Tips

    One of our best times was in June several years back, Mike brought home the Trick car and that weekend the temps plummeted to highs in the 60's! It was awesome! I remember the old days when we did the night rides. We're right in the middle of escrow dune trips are going to be few to none this summer.... hopefully Mike and I will survive