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  1. Pete you definitely missed a great one. The turn out was incredible. I'm still speechless at the turn out. We're already making big plans for next year. As the newly elected secretary of FoDD, I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the organization.
  2. WOW! I am speechless at the turn out we had for the clean up this year! We rolled in Thursday night so we could spend Friday duning, as we knew the clean up event would take most of the day Saturday. We spent a short time visiting around the campfire before going to bed. Up early Friday morning, but had to wait for the second ride of the day as I had homework to finish. But got in the mid morning run. It was a good one! Fast and nice lines. The black cloud started rolling in close and we made it back to camp just in time for the rain to start. So we played
  3. There's a pretty decent amount of people out here for clean up weekend. This is the only weekend I can get excited about crowds! It's cool and cloudy with a gentle breeze.
  4. Check out the latest prize packages for the Friends of Dumont Dunes Clean Up! Who's ready for some giving back with chances to win some of this awesomeness? Even the vendors are stepping up to support the clean up
  5. Thank you! It was a good weekend.
  6. I had jacked up my wrist last weekend. I made an attempt to ride, but was smart enough to know that I didn't have the strength in my right wrist to keep control of my X3, so I limped myself back to camp while everyone else went on. I chilled, made myself a bloody mary and prepped lunch and dinner. First time doing a seafood boil! Turned out fantastic! It was breezy and the dune conditions were pristine and fresh tracks being laid down in virgin sand. The dunes are on the move again. They are completely different from the last time we were out on MLK. Shelves and witches
  7. Its a beautiful slightly breezy Saturday morning. Up before the sunrise. The W blew a little last night, making for smooth rippley dunes this morning. Chilling in camp, breakfast and coffee done, getting a jump start on homework for next week, while I wait for the first ride of the day. The sun is out in a beautiful blue sky. PXL_20210227_162943194.LS.mp4
  8. Look at the beginning line up for the quick draw prizes! This year is shaping up to be amazing! Holy crap a tuner from Dynojet is even on the table!
  9. Please come join the Friends of Dumont Dunes for this event. Dumont needs it more after this crazy busy year. Its been heartbreaking to see all the posts of trash left behind. It looks like this year is going to be a great one! Hot BBQ lunch for everyone who participates! Quick draw raffle prizes, 1 ticket for every trash bags gathered. The prizes are still rolling in! There are several prize packages being donated from shops, businesses and individuals in the off road community! Trophies for the most bags gathered for individual and group, largest item found and strangest item
  10. Sad to hear this news. Thoughts go out to the family and friends.
  11. I'll be out helping with whatever is needed. I'm also the point of contact for anyone wanting to donate prizes from Las Vegas, that can't make it to the clean up event. I'll be available the next few weeks to meet up and collect donations. If you need me to get your donation picked up shoot me a DM! I'm also personally donating some "kid friendly" prizes. The kiddos always get overlooked when it comes to the prize fun, but they're always so eager to help out!
  12. With all the newbies seen at halloween this year, it's time again to bump this post from cobweb land... Don't jump in someone's line passing them like your in an off road race... If you want to race and pass people, build your rig for that and take it to the track... Saying this for the a-hole in a white RZR pro who literally did that to our line... Thankfully we have radios and we were warning each other as he blindly came up on our right side passing and cutting us all off inches away. If I would have drifted right at all it would have been over... Take a different line, there's
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