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  1. With all the newbies seen at halloween this year, it's time again to bump this post from cobweb land... Don't jump in someone's line passing them like your in an off road race... If you want to race and pass people, build your rig for that and take it to the track... Saying this for the a-hole in a white RZR pro who literally did that to our line... Thankfully we have radios and we were warning each other as he blindly came up on our right side passing and cutting us all off inches away. If I would have drifted right at all it would have been over... Take a different line, there's
  2. I think it was more packed then in the boom of 2005-2007 when everyone bought sandcars on credit before the 08 crash. Looked like everyone used their stimulus checks for down payments on a SxS. It was off the hook. Hoping for a good quiet Veterans weekend. Had one dude in a RZR pro literally weaving around the cars in our entire line, if I would have drifted up inches, it would have been over.
  3. I'll be there, just an overnight stay Friday night, sleeping in the Outback to help out the clean up and then back home after on Saturday. My ride isn't done being fixed yet.
  4. I'm pretty sure I saw you flying around up there, while I was hanging out near memorial hill.
  5. It was a damn good weekend!
  6. We arrived on Thursday night to dark dunes and a light breeze. Friday morning brought smooth buttery dunes and fast dune runs. Lots of drop offs and shelves. There are a few groups out this weekend, laying down some good tracks. Fresh ripples all over with no tracks at all.
  7. The dreaded W blew all night and looks to be continuing today. Maybe Monday's predicted storm rolling in early?? Sand is saturated and is slidy and then tons of hook up. Camp area is pretty sparse, filled in a little last night, but definitely not a huge crowd.
  8. Merry Christmas from Dumont! I hope you all had a great time! Today was a good day with some dune grooming. Not too crazy, just enough to smooth out the lighter tracks. We spent most of the day kicking back with Christmas movies, like Krampus and making cookies, then riding in the afternoon. JoeDuner arrived later in the afternoon and we went for another run. Then it was back to the home for a full spread of ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, stuffing, broccoli and pie. Now that the gluteny is over it's time for cocktails by the fir
  9. Love being out here Christmas week. After sitting in the moho most of the morning, we finally uncovered the vehicles and cruised the dunes. Hit up the swing set and cruised to the South Pole. Today its quiet and cloudy, we had a slight sprinkle, now it is just cloudy. Time to chill with a movie and a cocktail.
  10. What a great start to Christmas week at Dumont! Arrived mid morning, unloaded the X3's and decorated the moho for Christmas. Exchanged presents with our CA family and then set out to tear up the sand. Mike got me a new set of Eibach springs, so I couldn't wait to try them out. I can't believe how much smoother my ride was with a new set of springs and a shock adjustment. Sand still had some good lines laid out from last weekend's buggy round up. Found some friends to line up with. It was good getting rides in with others before we settle in for the week with
  11. So far on Vendor Row.... DuneMart Jericho California Casuals Desert Bling Brights Delights RV Rentals Dirty Mindz Short Bus Dirt 2 Dunes Powersports I did hear that the Baker Taco wasn't vending...
  12. It's pretty cool. NO I'm not going to give coordinates! Part of the fun is in the finding of it. It's even nicely lit up at night.
  13. Dirt 2 Dunes Powersports will be there this year. Providing your basic UTV necessities. Belts, axels, Dune Therapy goggles, etc. https://www.facebook.com/dirt2dunes/
  14. Our season opener had perfect conditions!
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