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  1. Was a good start to the season. Thanks for having me. Was a good time.
  2. That means sat night comp hill shenanigans will be awesome!
  3. We have gone the last two weekends in a row. Last weekend was better than the first but hope they get out there to grade as it was rippled and rough.
  4. The AG checkpoint is just past stateline as you start to climb the hill.
  5. Watched it fall off a buggy being towed back from Comp sat night 11/28. PM me with a descrption of it if you think its yours. I will try and get it back to you. I tried to flash and honk but you never stopped.
  6. Nice quad. Killer Price. Good luck with the sale. Someone will get a sweet LTR.
  7. I said I wanted to make this one and just figure out its the same weekend we got tickets to go see Jeff Dunham. So have to miss again. Damnit!
  8. Pete, I'll be in my usual spot. Stop by and grab me for a rail run. Been a while since we've done a good fast run.
  9. I might bring my Baja 5B SS out to play if I have time to freshen it up a bit.
  10. If you can get TJ (used to work for Butch's) he is one of the best. I think he works for Champion Motorsports or something like that. I can try and get his number. Otherwise maybe call Gavin at Butch's and ask him.
  11. I bought 3 2015 ones earlier this week. Maybe your supply is running late.
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