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Halloween Weekend 2020 Dumont Dunes

October is finally here and that means dune season is about to start! This year I think many people are excited to get back out to the dunes even more than ever. With all the problems in the world right now and with 2020 being one of the biggest turd years of all, some sand therapy is much needed for everyone. Although there are still some new guidelines like social distancing that we must all follow this season, let's not forget the basics of dune etiquette & safety as well. Stay alive this year by wearing your safety equipment, having a spotter when jumping, watch out for each other, and put the keys away if you have been drinking. Those are just the basics. Dumont can be a dangerous place, but with a little common sense and responsibility, even one of the busiest weekends can be accident free. Please don't forget to keep your camp clean and pack out anything you bring in. Dumont does not have trash collection and a little housekeeping is everyone's duty. 


Get in the Halloween spirit and decorate your camp!

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Passes:  Every vehicle entering Dumont Dunes needs to display a weekly or season pass. More info.


Vendor Row: There will be NO FOOD VENDORS since the San Bernardino County Health Department is not allowing or issuing food vending permits at this time. Social distancing will be strictly enforced. Vendor row will be reconfigured from what you are used to seeing to allow for social distancing.


Fires: As of October 13th, the fire ban is lifted, so campfires & BBQs are allowed with fire permitClick here to get your fire permit for free. This is not something that is heavily or usually enforced, but technically its the law. Its best to get one just in case.


Trick-or-Treating: In normal Dumont tradition, camp to camp trick-or-treating will likely still happen on Halloween night. Be prepared and stock up on candy. The Trunk or Treat is also still scheduled to take place at the south end of Vendor Row on Saturday, October 31, 2020 from 6 to 8pm. More info. Please follow the CDC guidelines and be responsible. 



Camp and Dune Responsibly: This includes staying home if you don't feel well, recreating/camping with only your household members, practicing social distancing by maintaining at least 6 feet of space between you and others using the site, regularly disinfecting frequently touch items, not sharing equipment unless it has been disinfected between users, and washing hands regularly/using hand sanitizer. There is plenty of space at Dumont for folks to stay socially distanced. This is very important this season. Dumont CAN get closed down if duners do not follow the guidelines. That actually happened at El Mirage earlier this year. Understand that the BLM is a government agency that manages Dumont Dunes and they must closely follow and enforce the CDC guidelines. So cut them some slack and don't take it out on them or the rangers.  We're all dealing with this together and looking forward to a fun, safe dune season! 






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1 hour ago, tmerrell said:

Thanks Pete for the update looking forwarded to the Season 


Same here, man! 

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1 hour ago, Ricardo Maldonado said:

What are the odds that the open flame ban will be lifted before the event? And how do you get the fire permit?


Odds? Who knows, but I think good. Fire permit? It's linked in the FIRES bullet point in the post. 👍

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I fixed the link. It was listed twice in the same URL. Should be good now. Thanks for the heads up. 

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Woohoo, got my Fire Permit:pissed:

Picking up my Passes at Parker Yamaha Pahrump tomorrow:driver:



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Short Bus Ice Cream has obtained a health permit and plans on being there with ice cream, enengy drinks, snacks, etc

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