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  1. Ended up deciding to stay home and get stuff done around the house Thank you for responding Have a great time out there :-)
  2. Anyone planning to be out at Dumont during this timeframe? Wife works weekdays and I now work weekends I would like to go out for a couple of nights that week, I'm very self sufficiant and not looking to need assistance for anything, but you never know Just wondering if anyone will be out there incase I have to walk to a camp for assistance or anything Thanks in advance IrnBear
  3. Awesome You should keep this sight updated. That is a great time of year at Dumont, still a little Hot, yet nice. Folks might come out to meet you folks and watch the flying IrnBear
  4. When is the Frenchie Invasion Aerial Assault on Dumont IrbBear
  5. Awesome, gonna check out dirt2dunes one of these days Thank you IrnBear
  6. They fit over your glasses I'm going to look into these Do you know of a shop that sells them so we can go try them on? Thanks IrnBear
  7. I was going to take my Sawzall out there and cut up that Trampoline tubing..... I could use it for welding pactice... Didn't get around to it though IrnBear
  8. It has been doing great Had a small oil leak..... Well now it has a big oil leak, Half the oil is now part of the Dune Valley floor between the fingers I figure the rear main seal went Other then that, it has been an awesome ride... Been to Dumont and Oregon Dunes so far I hope you guys got something that you can still have fun in as well
  9. Wow, what a Beautiful Day Good Day for Duning Lots of Ruts out there Woohoo, We found Veterans Memorial...
  10. Butch's Speed Shop to the rescue Had the parts I needed Buddy picking them up on his way out
  11. Since we were just coming from Pahrump, we made it out yesterday about noon Beautiful day Set up the Buggies...... First run, lugs stripped out of right rear wheel... Damn, I hope I can find new VW 4to5 adapters in Vegas today, buddy will deliver to me later if I find them. Watch the Knights Lose in a very sad fashion. But Hey, we are here and loving it.... Love the Dunes W has been light to full on gusty... Pics are from this 0700 this AM
  12. Still no Transmission Looks like we will have to look forward to next year IrnBear
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