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  1. I need it paved Have a new RC Car that will supposedly do 125+ Need that straightaway to see if it is true 🤣
  2. Can add Seats, IRS Tranny and Front Beam for $1200 OBO
  3. For sale Sand Rail Frame for your next project $800 OBO see additional sin comments
  4. Sorry taken so long to get back to you not sure how to spec so here are pics Tires are separating at the bead, so might take a little work to undo whatever glue job they did Make me an offer
  5. Safest bet is Pahrump. There are a number of Storage facilities here.
  6. This is sad to hear But a pedestrian on the dunes? I'm going to guess the coroner report has the times wrong AM vs PM.
  7. Awesome Hopefully others will read this as well Thank you Pete 🙂
  8. Received a PM from Elsa How do I notify you of it I haven't opened it, tempting, she says there are pics... Hubbahubba... LOL Do I just delete it? Thanks, IrnBear
  9. Great ride report as usual 🙂 Bunch of awesome folks able to do those kinds of repairs out there.. I bet if you had a crate engine you all would have installed it out there as well Great pics Thanks for sharing IrnBear
  10. 2176cc RC Trans Sand Built Solid Frame paddles included A1Trailer
  11. Do you wish you had a ride for the cleanup TurnKey Rail 2176cc Doghouse Repair Built Dual Carb R/C Transmission Bug Tranny Built For Sand PM me on here or FB if interested $5000 obo
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