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  1. Unfortunately they have to blanket the Law. Some idiot would start a fire and argue whatever wasn't in the blanket... Idiots ruin it for everyone..... That said, after posting my New SxS pics on FB, my dad informed me that I was breaking the Law (just giving me a hard time, not being serious). Appareantly all of the Cali forests ranges are of limits for recreational use. That includes the Toiyabe Forest Region, Mt Charleston is part of that Forest Region I thought that was only the Cali portion, he said all of it.. I guess I could have got a ticket for bein
  2. That was a government agency joke They are hand delivered and counted to every shop that sells them If that shop sells them online, they are not allowed to charge for the shipping.. That's why many don't sell and mail... IrnBear
  3. Good Info and then some not so good news. I understand the office closed. But why the delay on returned calls to Vendors. Must be frustrating. I know you tried and don't have the answer. Just wanted to voice that. Hopefully the Postal Service runs a bit more efficient in the next few months...
  4. Woohoo..... Another free posting..... Where do I pick this thing up
  5. What...... That would be awesome
  6. Drove to Cali from Pahrump via 127 today.... No AT&T while I drove by staring at the tower from the highway
  7. Woohoo, looks like lot of fun had and cool temps.. I miss cool temps I that a campground site or a grab some BLM land and make a great campsite out of it? Lots of fun, IrnBear
  8. HotDamn, this angle shows it actually is a PaperAirplane.... You're right.... Pretty cool
  9. Any Update on who and what is on the Tower? Thanks, IrnBear
  10. Next time you get this idea..... Please, Please, Please wear Shoes, Better Yet Boots... IrnBear
  11. Ended up deciding to stay home and get stuff done around the house Thank you for responding Have a great time out there :-)
  12. Anyone planning to be out at Dumont during this timeframe? Wife works weekdays and I now work weekends I would like to go out for a couple of nights that week, I'm very self sufficiant and not looking to need assistance for anything, but you never know Just wondering if anyone will be out there incase I have to walk to a camp for assistance or anything Thanks in advance IrnBear
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