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  1. Wifey and I did a Shakedown run to Lone Pine Cali to see if my new tow setup for the MH and Jeep would stay together Everything help up great. Had to make some brake cable adjustments on the Lone Pine side. Jeep pushed us all the way down the mtn grades through Death and Panamint Valleys One there, Stayed at Boulder Creek RV just outside Lone Pine. Took the jeep to 10,000ft and did some hiking. Next Day we did some Movie Site touring around the Alabama Hills... If you haven't done this, you should... You also need to stop at the Movie Museum in Lone Pine. And some Arch finding in the Alabama Hills and some cool rock stuff Well, thats what we did last weekend What did you do IrnBear
  2. IrnBear

    Cell Tower

    Zipping down the 127 toward Baker this past weekend, was heading to Cali for Mother's Day weekend and of course finish work on my Tattoo I could see a Cell Tower sticking up into the sky from the Hills between Baby and Big Dunes Sorry no picture IrnBear
  3. You Ran in it? Kudos to you my friend
  4. Yep, saw it Freaking Awesome IrnBear
  5. Heading out as early as possible on Friday AM, once I get home from work Cold no big deal, Getting away and having fun Big Deal Have Two Sandrails this year, woohoo.. Hopefully they both run well all weekend... and a Mansion on Wheels IrnBear
  6. I find these routes very fasinating Is there camping in the area, as a good staging point? Is it Boondock camping, we prefer that? Thanks for showing us other options IrnBear
  7. Pete is correct Per the Pahrump Valley Times After todays blasting there will not be any more blasting until after the New Year IrnBear
  8. Hello All, The Beautiful Wife and I are owners of a Brand-SpankMe-New Motorhome The thing is a beast and we love it We are headed out to Dumont for New Years Our other motorhome didn't have auto levelers, or levelers at all for that matter Question: do you disconnect from your trailer before you auto level your RV?? Thank you in advance, IrnBear
  9. OkieDokie Rebel/ARCO at Corner of Charleston and Shadow Lane (across from UMC) I didn't see a price posted But the Yellow Handled pumpers are still there The Yellow Handle designates the E85 Hope this helps IrnBear
  10. Rebel across from UMC on Charleston and Shadow Lane had it last I looked Ill take another peak this week when leaving work.... IrnBear
  11. pick four from the bottom Is that a cooker or a heater???
  12. I wonder if that Heart was intentional or accidental Cool either way
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