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  1. Still no Transmission Looks like we will have to look forward to next year IrnBear
  2. If my darn Transmission is back to me before then......
  3. Man, I really want to go My Transmission is still in the shop Hoping to get it back soon If I do, maybe I can get everything back together in-time..... IrnBear
  4. That would be a great business to get started Only thing is I'm sure the Gov-ment would tack so many dang fees and costs of permits to do it, that it wouldn't be cost effective I could drive around and pump sh*t all day for the right price, LOL IrnBear
  5. Just an FYI, this weekend is the Big Weekend So you don't need to wait till Oct 31
  6. It's a Shell now... The big one on the left as you enter town from Cali.... IrnBear
  7. Man, I love watching all of the Fireworks No where else in the State can you fire them off without really endangering anyone The place is loud as it is with the engines running all night long, it's all part of the joy of Dumont And for those cry babies about there animals, leave them at home... I'm sure if they don't like the fireworks, they aren't real happy with the engine noise in their ears Please, no stopping the fireworks Thanks, IrnBear
  8. IrnBear

    Perfect Weekend

    Wow, looks like a great weekend I love that smooth sand Wait, we have a swingset?? Thanks for the report, IrnBear
  9. Woohoo, donation sent Everything seems to be up and working Took some time to get it to work Up on all devises now...... Thanks Pete
  10. Hitting the Sand Sport Super Show tomorrow.... Haven't been in years. Looking forward to it Probably won't be able to afford anything more then a Tshirt I'll try to post pics after... IrnBear
  11. So Freaking Awesome... Look at that Sand
  12. Bingo, Awesome.... Thank you IrnBear
  13. Hey I don't recall seeing a Dune Pic of the Month lately I have Two Coos Bay pics to post up I know, I know Only one pic allowed IrnBear
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