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  1. Church services and Protesting is exempt from Covid gathering rules....
  2. Well we drove by on our way to my parents and this is what we saw WwwW
  3. Barring no issues with our Rigs or our Lives This year is looking like the year for us
  4. IrnBear


    Rebel on Charleston and Shadow Lane in Vegas has E85
  5. No no Only "the Verizon's had service" Not only one Verizon
  6. Due to the RzR ReCall we have changed our plans and not going to be at dumont... Damn, I was looking forward to this parade...
  7. OkieDokie thank you Now that my Polaris has a recall we are changing our plans and not going to the dunes after all
  8. Great Running 1987 Honda 250R, its a dual sport Needs rear turn signals Mirrors are good, just removed them because its last use was dune'ing Either handle bars are bent or front forks just need adjusted, been that way for years. Never bothered my daughters riding. Off alignment is from her Tires have great tread, front has that one decent size crack and a few small ones.. Bike just doesn't get ridden anymore. It's a great little bike, light Carrier is included in price $1990 OBO, Good Title in Hand IMG_8512.
  9. Verizon is a guarantee that you will have service/hot spot Everything else is up in the air right now
  10. Drove through Baker last week first part of 127 to Dunes on left hand side there were two things many of you might be interested in A dirt lot RV park that offers dumping for $10 Next to that was a house with a hug stack of firewood that said firewood for sale So I would say yes
  11. Woohoo, got my Fire Permit Picking up my Passes at Parker Yamaha Pahrump tomorrow IrnBear
  12. I see here this is a Trump parade On the DDR FB page it is a patriot parade My guess is they are the same and still a go? Can this be confirmed? Thank you IrnBear
  13. I tried to find the thread.... Must have "Greyhounded" right over it I'll take another look
  14. Is this still a plan? If so, we are looking forward to it Thank you, IrnBear
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