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DeeJay Hooper

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  • Birthday 07/17/1986

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    DeeJay Hooper
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    Aprilia RS125 Road Bike (Yellow & Grey) 2001
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    UK, Lancashire, Blackburn
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    My Bike Aprilia RS 125, DJ'in, My Music & Cant Forget the birds & Beer

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  1. Aye hope it works for you I had the same problem, ITS A PAIN IN THE A$$. Good Luck 2nite!
  2. Am not sue what the laws are here about emissions but I do know they took the same model as mine ( in the 250cc version ) Off production for emission reasons. You cant buy the 250cc anymore but your still aloud to ride them if you already owned 1. I want to still get 1 they move like sh*t of a shovel , There are still 2-stroke 250cc being made i think, but Aprilia was making the RS which was alot faster. They won every championship race with that bike from 1995 - 2001. lol i think the law had their money on the Honda & didnt want to lose anymore money. lmao
  3. Looks nice! , the first pic looks a ace view to wake up 2 every morning, was that your apartment view? Where is maui? lol :S
  4. I have seen this error before it sounds like a Hardware conflict / Old Drivers still present CLICK HERE - I found a link about the error code your getting see if this link helps you Good Luck! Hooper
  5. I can imagine about 10 of ya led on the floor with your ear to the ground next time ya all go riding lol
  6. WOW! thats like 15 times bigger than mine lol Is it chain driven or Shaft?
  7. Sooo What cc is that beast running?
  8. Its 2 stroke 125cc 42bph (should be 32bph) erm CDI Unit & power valve (rave unit) Top speed is a nice big fat 115mph (should do 94mph Standard) Yeah its a italian Bike, (Imported)
  9. answer before seeing your bike: Aprilia RS125 (125cc 2001 model) After seeing yours: Nothing lol
  10. I Like it , looks well smart!!!!! nice job mate.
  11. LOL Bet it did, am from the UK we drive Matchbox cars compared to the things you all drive round lol, Thats a beast of a truck! :o
  12. WOW That looks a evil piece of machinery (dont think my parents would like that in front of the house tho) lol
  13. This Is my Baby: Had it about 3 years now & crashed it once 2 months ago (blew the engine) It Cost Me Just Over £2,000 & About £1,500 on parts
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