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  1. Hey i was wondering if you still have the long trav teryx for sale? I can do cash, Email me at lcbc01@yahoo.com

  2. Ok, so I got Powerhouse Dan's phone number. Called and left a detailed message and he never called me back. Where is this "Pure Evil" shop. I've never heard of them. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  3. You got my vote. Nice ride Travis
  4. I'll keep my eye out for you. We sturdy up the cabinets by putting 1/4 inch plywood over that crappy cardboard backer they give you. And we throw the piece of crap feet they give you as well. We mount them to the wall and resting on the stem wall. Finish off the underside with a toe-kick cut on the angle / slope of the garage floor. Much cleaner.
  5. Mostly Home Depot or Lowes. We did one with custom cabinets ordered with the home. But usually the local stores have good prices on them. The uppers in this photo are from Home Depot. They in turn matched the cabinets I installed on the side wall.
  6. Just finished up another toolbox / work bench combo at my buddies house. The garage had no cabinets or anything when he bought the house. So we installed white cabinets to match the inside cabinets and framed in a workbench. Had the diamond plate cut with a waterjet and then installed it and a custom galvinized top with back splash. All is left is move a couple outlets around,a little drywall pickup and paint.
  7. Yes please. Where is he located at??? And he is a full service shop?
  8. Picked up an 08 Teryx with the carburated 750. It has the jet kit, air filter and exhaust. However, it seems to bog at the top end and sometimes sputer and pop. Obviously either to lean or fat. Whats the best place to take it to here in Vegas. I wanted that corrected and then regular maintenance. Suggestions anyone???

    Must watch

    I know this not some political website, and the info may be getting around. None the less, people need to see this. And hopefully we can get this country back on the right track.

    Must watch

    I am not posting this for any other reason than to look, listen, and understand what is going on here in this great Nation. Most people don't even realize it. Please understand that I am a Republican hands down, with Military in my family. However, this pertains to all. This is not a witch hunt for any particular person or party. It just shows what is happining. Scary, and intersting. Its time to stop the madness. I love this country and the freedom's that we all share. Watch and make your own judgement for or not. I know where I stand. http://www.morningstartv.com/oak-initiative/marxism-america
  11. Nice! Hey Travis, do those arms use a longer that stock shock? Reason I ask, is I just picked up that 08 that was on here for sale. It has the CST long travel kit on it. Which is actually only like 3" or 4" over each side, but can use the factory shocks (length wise). You and I both know, without moving the mount on the arm or using a extended top mount your travel really didn't increase. Yes it's wider but.... With that being said. Would a set of King's like you used make a difference. I know its oviously the best shock out there, but as far as the stand off being shorter or not? I know the "replacement" shocks are pretty much identical in length. Sooooooo I don't want to throw money out the door if it ends up being the same stroke length on the shock. Sorry for the long question. But I thought I'd ask...
  12. Yea, I kinda figured that, what I dont know is can you get the bigger reflector / housing or do you have to just get new lights???
  13. Nice. I have 4- 4" I might change out to the 7" as well.
  14. Pretty cool looking. But in my opinion, they are to small....just like the RZR's.
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