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  1. All this info is great! I was just there for halloween and blew the sidewall out of my paddle so had to run my dirt tires and let me tell you it SUCKED! yes you can go pretty much anywhere without paddles but you really have to stay in the gas to avoid being stuck in a bad spot. In my honest opinion i would buy paddles especially if your new to the sxs thing because you will probably not want to be in the gas that much until you get the feel for the limits of your machine. With the paddles you can get away with just putting around until your comfortable. Once you go to the dunes you'll be hooked and want to keep coming. You can buy paddles pretty reasonable for like the sti strippers, that's what i started with just to get out there now i run skats which are way lighter and hook up a lot more. Either way your going to have a good time. Welcome to the dark side. Be prepared to spend a lot of $$$$$$$$$ as you go you'll find more and more things to add to your machine but it's worth every penny for the fun you'll have.
  2. Ruenvus

    RV Dump

    I'm not sure of the name but tecopa isn't but like 3 buildings there is a piece of plywood at the road that is spray painted with orange letters that say rv dump $10 you really can't miss it. All you do is honk and the guy comes out and will dump for you all you need to do is hook the hose up to your black water flush if you have one. There is 4 spots at that location to dump so usually isn't a line.
  3. Ruenvus

    RV Dump

    they do not come around to empty your tanks at dumont they do have a dump that is $10 in tecopa though
  4. Why are you looking for CA non resident? Nevada required you to register your OHV now and it is excepted in Dumont
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