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  1. until

    Would've been nice to see that happen! It'll be a Big one for us!
  2. Same here, this PRO XP recall has us set back!!
  3. It's open. Buy a pass at the entrance. It's a machine that takes credit cards. I'll be heading up there from the Riverside area in a couple days.
  4. I believe the converter power line goes to the battery disconnect switch. The solar goes directly to the battery to bypass this, as you may want to disconnect when the rig is in storage. At least that's the only logical reason I can think of??
  5. My new rig came with a Go-Power 200 watt solar panel and a power inverter. I used to run my generator constantly on my old rig without solar, now I only run the generator when I have to use the microwave or AC. Everything else is ran straight up on 2- 12v batteries. I leave my panel in "recharge boost" mode starting from the morning until night fall. I run my 40" TV that draws about 140 watts for about 3-4 hrs a day. I can go all weekend without any issues. Would never go back to not having solar.
  6. Unfortunately I've gone through a similar situation. After the first DMV gave issues (including the supervisor), had to go to 2 different ones to finally find an employee that knew what to do. My experience in CA is that each DMV interprets and goes by their own said rules when it comes to anything out of the ordinary (which would be everyday no brainer stuff).
  7. Just got back, entrance road was freshly graded over the weekend (grader started Friday morning). The left side of the road (when entering) had been left very loose, with about 2-3" of sand/loose soft dirt. Nonetheless was very smooth and dusty.
  8. Old thread, but I'll be heading out Friday to Sunday! Missed out on the whole season, looking forward to this! Anyone else heading out with RZR's?
  9. Yeah that would be the safest way!
  10. Pretty sure there aren't many safe places where the vehicles wont get towed or broken into. Maybe pay the trailer park at the entrance to 127 from the 15 fwy, near where Baker Ice is?
  11. Hey Pat, I got a set. Still figuring out which day I'll be going within the next month or so.
  12. I appreciate the tips! I will definitely let you know if I come up with more questions, I know I will! I like your emphasis on rolling........that's my greatest fear! Don't wanna risk anyone getting hurt, or ruining the car!
  13. I've had the same issue with aftermarket radiators on my truck. Make sure the rubber mounts on the top and bottom of the radiator are still good and soft (to absorb vibration). Even then, aftermarket radiators may only last that long. A full aluminum construction unit would be your strongest. However if you have to stick with stock replacement, KOYO does pretty well for trucks.
  14. Sorry to hear! I had my 06 F250 Powerstroke stolen a couple of months ago and was recovered a few days later in a mess. It's amazing how extremely easy these are to steal! Hindsight, alarms, kill switch, steering wheel club, etc...for the future!
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