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  1. Hey! I know Mark! He is apart of your normal group Pete? The group that he goes to find and visit sometimes is ours. He is my good friends boss.
  2. Overall it turned out being a pretty good weekend despite getting off to a bad start. 20 minutes after heading out early Saturday morning one in our crew had a blowout on his RV. Luckily we were able to limp it into a tire center. That was a 5 hour detour where we also discovered the tire shrapnel ripped out the gas filler tube. A few curse words and a trip to the auto parts store and we were able to repair that as well. We rolled into Dumont around 3pm Saturday and immediately started getting some runs in. Even with our late start we made the most of it and got a lot of good runs in. I wasn't using my turning brakes because of the wet sand, however that still didn't stop me from breaking things (pictured below). Got that welded up pretty quick and we were off running again. We too were at Comp Sunday night when it started to rain, but we high-tailed it at the first few drops and got the buggies packed away right before it really started to come down. Despite the rain, wet sand, cold, wind and bad luck it turned out to be one of the best weekends of the year for our group.
  3. Here is the first had account from the guy that found the remains. I've read this a few times over the years and its just fascinating. Its a long read, so give yourself plenty of time to finish it. http://www.otherhand.org/home-page/search-and-rescue/the-hunt-for-the-death-valley-germans/
  4. Plan to be there if the weather holds up.
  5. The owner of this car is a friend of mine, I'll make sure he gets the picture.
  6. I-Am

    Tips to be safe

    Thanks Pete, great thread. I'd love to see that pinned and have more driving tips. The post about the time of day/shadows is great information that not everyone will be aware of. I'd like to see more of that kind of information shared!
  7. Hey all, I noticed there really isn't a condensed guideline for how to drive safely in the dunes located in one spot. I think it would be cool to put something like that together for beginners. Things like understanding the concepts of razorbacks and how to safely get over them. What a witches eye is and tips to look out for them. Safe camp speeds, best time of day to ride, etc, etc, etc. I think this would be valuable information and could possibly save injuries or worse. Perhaps it can be made a sticky. I'm not a beginner, but also not a seasoned veteran myself so I'd like to hear from the community on what their tips and tricks are to be safe out there while driving. Also, if something like this already exists slap me and link it!
  8. I realize avoiding the entrance fee is probably something you're trying to achieve as well, but your best bet is to have them park near the ranger station honestly.
  9. Cool shot from my GoPro.
  10. Chilly weekend you say? Us air cooled guys rejoice.
  11. This years set up was so much better organized! Being in a straight line, the road block, the folks assisting with lining everyone up to park. Kudos to the organizers. It was better and safer this year.
  12. Now thats a good way to start off the season! Thanks to everyone who voted.
  13. What is the premise of the documentary? Will it paint the recreational crowd at Dumont in a positive or negative light?
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