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  1. I use to love my dual 44s, the buggy ran great, but cheap ethanol gas was always plugging up the idle jets. I started buying ethonol free 88 and that seemed to help but me and a friend noticed after riding the buggies hard then shutting them down, we could hear bubbling coming from the carburaters, like the fuel was boiling. They sell spacers that insulate the carburater from heat sinking from the head after shutoff. My friend uses them now and hasn't plugged a jet in 2 years
  2. I had a similar issue on a 2054 of mine, what it ended up being was I had a cap from a non doghouse style engine where the oil cooler is in the fan shroud not on the outside, on the older style caps there a built in retard to prevent cylinder number 3 from building excess heat where has the air that cools the cylinder has to pass thru the oil cooler first, I did almost everything you talked about, but a new cap solved my issue
  3. Turbo Audi always makes for a conversation piece with buggy guys. My good friend had a mid engine mazzone beam car with a 1914, and the thing ripped, I had a a chenworth tail dragger with a 2054 in it and I could never keep up with his little billy goat of a mid engine. But one day he drug home a 4 seat cauliers customs long travel and started rounding up parts to do a turbo j35, mendola. Well I wasn't having any of that so I bought a tubing bender, bent up a frame with a long travel beam, found a Audi transmission with 930 flanges, and slapped a v6 turbo up to it. And when it was all said and done my 4 seat Audi sidehilled and handles amazing thru the whoops, but the only spots I leave my buddy behind is when he's fighting to keep the front end on the ground
  4. Fresh paint on my turbo Audi, the camera on my phone isn't the best, just looking forward to some warm spring days in Utah where as dunin season is almost here. Also looking forward to buggy week up at St Anthony Idaho, should be fun with old school and new school rails meeting up at the same time, for anybody who hasn't been Idaho Dune Rv puts on the event and its always a week to remember even tho every year I seem to break something. Put it on your Calender's and make the treck to Idaho June 3rd thru the 8th
  5. I had idea while helping a friend do some work on the front end of his car, the car was a 98 Passat 1.8 turbo. I noticed while under this car the transmission was positioned longitudinal and FWD, it also used Porsche 930 CV joints. So I thought huh wonder if that could work for a mid engine buggy, well a tubing bender, alittle money from each weekly check, and about 3 years and this is what I came up with. I picked a 2.8 sohc v6 out of a 1993 Audi and low and behold it bolted right up to the Passat tranny. FOE shocks for the rear, some FOX shocks off a rzr up front, a couple of 930 axles from Tatum, AND SHE FLIES. It sure beats the hell out of my air-cooled buggies.
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