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  1. so i am racing the bitd series in 2010. our first race is jan 8th and 9th in parker az. if any peeps want to come out for the fun. i am racing with my best freind and we will be switching riders at the pit stops. not sure how my back is gonna hold up but we shall see. we are putting a group togeather for the vegas to reno race in aug if anyone is interested in racing. :worthless_without_pics: jeff
  2. how has everyone been? me. i got laid off in feb after 14 years. we are doing ok i am working on opening my own shop here. my back still hurts but i deal with it. it never did heal and they wont do surgery on it. but im back to riding and it feels good to get back on the bike. jeff
  3. yep what pete said! trust me its not fun to get hurt out there everyone be safe and have a happy thanksgiving! we are heading to sand mountain tomorrow. its hard to belive its been a year since my accedent jeff
  4. is anyone going to sema? me and my dad will be out there and maybe we could meet up for a drink. we will be gettin into town on the 29th and headin home the 3rd
  5. crawlinxj


    me and my dad will be coming out for sema. jeff
  6. well since i was off for 7 months. i spent my time building bikes. i built my 9yo daughter a 95 blaster from the frame up. i built my nephew my old lt250r with a stage 4 trinity motor and his banshee was going to go to my 12yo daughter. but i traded it friday night for a 95 warrior. it has lsr +2 a-arms lsr +2 swing arm durablue +2 axle roll designs foot pegs powder coated frame works shocks and more. i will post some pics tonite of what i have been doing while im off. jeff
  7. Looks like me and my dad are making the trip to vegas for sema. where is a good place to stay for the show? maybe some place close where you can walk to the convension center? i was tryin to talk my dad into just taking the toy hauler and throwin the quads in there and hittin up dumont on the way home jeff
  8. well me and my dad went saturday looking at new toy haulers. he wanted something smaller then that 30' bumper pull dunes he has. so we looked at a 26' attitude. but this is what he came home with. 33' fully loaded. single slidout in the bedroom home style walk in shower. 600w sterio system. its going back on the 15th to get a windguard self finding satalit system it is really nice. now that he got this one he gave me and the family the 30' dunes! now i just need a truck to pull it. no more 1978 terry trailer
  9. went and had some more x-rays done with my ortopidic dr. last week. right now my back is still not healing but it is not really hurting to much eather. it only hurts when i am on my feet for quite a few hours. i still wont know for 2 more months if i am going to have to have back surgery or not. im hoping for the best. i have found a new way to pass the time at home i sold my pit bike ans bought me a few rc cars! every time i walk into our shop i want to get my bike down and ride it but my dad burried it behind 8 other bike so i cant get it out every thing else is going good no pacemaker and my legs are getting better. my right leg is still sore but im getting around. i hope to maybe come out to vegas in feb for a few days with just me and the wife. god knows i need to get out of here and my wife needs a vacation after all that has happend the last few months. jeff
  10. crawlinxj


    well hey hey peeps. went and saw the dr for my back. basicaly they are going to let try and heal on its own for 3 months. i have to get exrays every month and in 3 months they will make me take the back brace off and bend forward and back wards and take exrays. if my l-1 moves then they are doing back surgery. so lets all hope for the best! i get my blood filter taken out on the 28th of this month and if there are no clots then i think they are puting another on back in. i go to see the heart dr on tuesday they are pretty sure my heart stopped because of all the trama i was going trough so lets hope i dont have to get a pace maker. i am off the walker now and on crutches my back dosnt even really hurt anymore. i only take my pain meds when i go to bed so i sleep better. my right leg seams to be the problem now. it really hurts but im dealing with it. on a good note my land lords gave me back my december rent wich is really awsome! it helped a bunch with x-mas. i got my first disability check this week. only 300 short a payday and looks like im off work for the next 3-4 months. just wanted to give you all a update on me. you all have a merry x-mas jeff and family
  11. Hi everyone This is Carrie Jeffs wife, I am replying under jeffs name to tell everyone thank you so much for all your prayers and well wishes. It was a very rough, scary time while he was in the hospital. When you have a doctor tell you that they are taking your husbands life hour by hour, if he makes it through this hour then we will watch him through the next. Due to the blood clots they put a filter in to stop the remaining clots in his leg from going to his heart or lungs the only down fall is it could send the clots to his kidneys and cause him to loose a kidney because as they put it his vascular anatomy is irregular. His heart also stopped on the 5th so now he has to see a cadiologist about possibly needing a pacemaker. His heart problem they think he has had for some time, they just so happened to pick up on while in the hospital. So now only time will tell with that. Our doctor here seems to think that his heart stopped due to the trama from the accident. He has many more test, x-rays, and physical therapy. It will be a long road but we are strong. He asked me last night what I wanted for christmas and I told him that I already got it, He's alive and we are finally home with our kids. Life is precious so I hope all of you have a wounderful Christmas and happy new year!!!! Thank you all so much Carrie Grass
  12. i just wanted to say thanks to all my ddr brothers and sisters for all your toughts and prayers. i am so glad to be home you have no idea. the whole ordeal was really hard on my whole family but i think my dad the most. he is my best freind in the whole world and i wish he would not have seen it happen. its gonna be a long road to recovery i will be off work for the next 3 months or so. i will be on blod thiners for the next year cause of the clots and be in my walker till i get my =strength back. my wife says i am doing better each day so we will see. but im not rushinbg anything i want this healed up right so i can get back out and dune again. i guess for a while there things where not looking too good for me. they where taking it hour by hour. and all your guys prayers are what saved my life. and i thank you all soooooooooo much jeff
  13. thanks everyone for all the prayers and such it meens alot to me and the family. i just rolled in about 20 min ago. let me tell yea 6 hours in a car with a broken back sucks :freakin_nuts: looks like i will be rehabin for a while so no riden for me i will just have to hang out at the camp fire and drink :yeah_whatever:
  14. pull the single 10mm bolt out from under the light and pull it forward it will slide out then just unplug the wiring harness its pretty simple.
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